Scarlett's POV

He uses his other hand to tug at the skirt of the dress for emphasis as you gasp when he tightens his grip on your throat. He moves his lips over yours, devouring your soft moans before he teases his lips away again.

"I'll fucking tear this thing off you. So, if you like this dress, and want to keep it, you'll take the fucking thing off"

"O-okay. I'll take it off"

His authoritative tone melds with your pleasure, setting you ablaze.

"Tell me what you want m to do to you, Scarlett?"

You're too excited. With shaking fingers, you pull down your dress, his eyes widening with desire as you free your breasts. They bounce upon release from the confines of your clothing, nipples straining hard towards him. He bites his lip, furrowing his brows as he eyes them like he wants to swirl his tongue around the hardened buds.

"Tell me. Now"

"I want you to touch me"



"Fuck, yes. What else?"

You step out of your dress, hooking your fingers in your panties to slide them down your legs.

With a sultry gaze, you pick your panties up, and dangle them in front of him, watching as he grins and opens his hand for you to place them in his palm.

I love the way he's looking at me. Like I'm a prize that he just has to have.

"Who knows... maybe later I'll rub these on my shaft and cum on them"

"Oh god"

Your moan softly at his words, eyes fluttering closed as you imagine Oliver stroking himself with something so intimate of yours. He pockets them, before he wraps a hand around your waist and tugs you closer to him.

"This is dangerous"

"Even better"

His warm breath cascades your face, and with a ferocity that startles you, he presses his lips against you. A low growl rumbles from his throat as he consumes every moan, every ragged breath that slips from your mouth, he claims your pleasure with a stroke of his tongue along your bottom lip. Your tongues clash, massaging and tasting one another in a twisted game of dominance.

So fucking addicting... his lips, his touch, his words... they make me weak.

He grabs your chin roughly, pressing your mouth deeper into his like he wants to lose himself in you. You pant, desperate to keep up with the power of his lust, letting him move you to press you up against the wall next to the door. When he breaks his mouth away from yours, you whine, and he holds his finger up to his mouth to shush you.

"I know its hard to control yourself baby, but you're going to have to be quiet while I fuck you. Do you think you can do that? Can you cum on me quietly, Scarlett?"

Just kiss

overwhelming excitement. You wrap your hands around the back of his neck and pull him viciously to you, moaning when when he trails searing kisses along your jaw and down your neck. He breaks away to pull his shirt off, and you admire the delicious chiselled muscle

fucking hot...


when you sucked on

is it... I want him so

he steps forward and grinds the tip against your wet folds. Your limbs shake as

your dripping

your entrance, hissing as he sinks the first inch in. You inhale a sharp breath, hands making to grip his lower back and dig with

"Oh fuck"

as he uses his other hand to wrap your legs around him and hold you against the wall. He fills

"So fucking tight"

feels so fucking good. Don't

barely fit. Fuck. I feel you clenching around me, Scar. There's no fucking way I'm not

So warm and wet. It feels so good

eyes roll, fluttering closed as he moves to kiss you passionately, swallowing the slow moans that fill

taken so long? So long to feel this good

He breaks away form you to slam his length furiously inside of

yes. I want you to cum inside of

"So good... the tightest"

of him moaning drives you wild. You suck back your loud screams as you feel the familiar stirring of an orgasm in your

god. I think I'm going

me, Scarlett... fucking cum

his vulgar words, and with one swift thrust, your orgasm barrels through you, possessing your

"Shit. I'm cuming"

you, and you feel his length swell until your insides are invaded with the warmth of his release. When your orgasm has waned, and your breathing has returned to a calm, steady rhythm, he releases your legs, and withdraws his shaft from


when he pulls out, aware that you're slightly sore just from the size of

for keeping

clamp your mouth shut and move your

I really hope

don't think they heard, do


"I doubt it"

you calm about

an adult. They'll

gos, you're unbelievable. You want

the one who's

Its not like you're good at

hen maybe we shouldn't have

in hell I can


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