Scarlett's POV

"She was so desperate to have someone... to be fucking owned, it made no difference when they started hitting her. I shouldn't have been surprised that it wouldn't make a fucking difference when they started hitting me. But, you know how fucking naive kids are"

He laughs mirthlessly, before he runs a hand down his face.

"She told me not to 'bother' my father with it. He wouldn't understand. He'd be mad at me. He'd be mad at her. Used the fact she loved him still as a weapon. And kids, we'll do almost anything for our parents"

"Oh my god, Oliver. I'm so sorry"

You reach for him, despite the way he flinches, resting your hand on his forearm, rubbing gently with your thumb as if your touch can ease his pain.

"She should've protected you"

"Yeah, well... cant change the past"

"No. I guess you cant..."

You drag a frustrated hand through your hair, as you pull your other hand from his arm, resting it in your lap. Overwhelmed with the urge to pull him into you arms, you busy your hands, aware that he's on edge and it's probably not the smartest thing to do right now.

Years and years of pain... no amount of words I say will change that.

"Is this boyfriend, Rick, the one who's been with her the longest?"

Oliver nods, and pulls the car to a stop in front of an unfamiliar house.

Shit we're here. Did Kirk make it yet?

You scan the street, searching for kirks car, unease setting over you as Oliver pulls the keys out of the ignition.

"Oliver, I-I don't think you should do this"

"He wants to fucking hit helpless women. I'm not going to just sit back and take it. Not anymore. And my moms not here to stop me this time"

You're unnerved by the frigid look in his eyes. Emotionless. Remorseless. He doesn't care what happens. Doesn't want to fucking think about it. Just wants to act, as all of these abusive men have in the past.

Damnit, where the hell is kirk?

You dial him again, watching as Oliver stalks towards the front door.

do? I should stop him. Throw myself in his

twist the knob, frowning when you hear shouting coming from inside. You push open the door, moving towards the booming sound of Oliver's voice in what you realise is a

Oliver looks pissed.

ripped back to the man sitting

with a striking calm as Oliver

fun to put your hands on women? She's in the fucking hospital because of you,

at the ferocious tone of Oliver as he sets forward, vengeance lined

Let's see you put your hands on me now, asshole. Since you're so

"Really, Oliver?"

the fire.

mother is in the hospital because

lose control... its almost like he's

press a gentle hand against his chest, your

he is not worth it. Don't let him get in your

your gaze on Rick, a look of disgust twisting

hit women and children. He's pathetic,

just another mouth to come to your aid,

as he moves his eyes from you to the glass of brown liquid on the table. He reaches for it, raising it to his lips, taking a large gulp before groaning satisfied as he swallows. Oliver scoffs, and goes to move forward. You press

fuck is kirk? God, I wont be able to stop them from flighting.

come jogging into the damn house soon, but luck hasn't been on your side in

"Already drinking, Rick?"

Do you some fucking good. Wont

movement, Oliver smacks the glass out of Ricks hand. The murderous tension in the room thickens enough to choke on, as the glass flies and shatters

with you and your bullshit. My mom is

with me when I say

glare on his face directed at Oliver despite the way Oliver towers over

little whore can get the fuck out of this house. Out of

Shit, shit, shit.

hold, eyes darkening, frenzied breath coming out of his mouth as he raises his fist and swings. Someone screams. Blood spattering. A deafening

Oh no. God.


a firm expression on his face as he directs

to the

are as you watch Oliver lose control. With each swing of his arm, his fist connects to Rick's face, the mans eyes already swelling under the

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