Scarlett's POV

A deep groan rips from his lips, and you cum endlessly around him, his name a chant on your lips until he swells inside of you, and you feel him fill you deeply. You're overcome with emotions from his orgasm, and those three forbidden words are restless on your tongue.

"I love you..."

His hands cinch your waist tightly as he holds you down onto him until he no longer twitches inside of you and you feel him press his lips against your head. You pull your head back from his neck, and stare behind hooded eyes, nervously as his eyes roam your face.

"Say it again"

"I love you"

Your face warms with embarrassment as he caresses your face gently.

"God, that's fucking amazing"

"Oh really?"

You reach up towards his face, fingers gently grazing the bruises along his jaw. He winces, and catches your wrist, bringing your fingers to his lips to place a kiss.


"Don't get too comfortable"

You giggle in his grasp as he quirks a brow.

"And why is that?"

"Just because I admitted that, doesn't mean I'm going to act any different. So as unagreeable as I am now, that's not going to change"

He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you to him as his head is pressed against your stomach as a deep chuckle rumbles in his chest.

"Good. That's what makes it fun. I wouldn't want it any other way"

"I'll hold you to that"

"Do it"

You grin, shaking your head as you climb back into the drivers seat, straightening your skirt before you turn the key in the ignition again. He sighs when you pull back into the street, heading back to your house.

"Its so easy to forget with you"

I know exactly what he means... for a second I forgot about everything. The whole fucking fight. All of it. I just hope Rick isn't dead. Can't undo something like that.

You smooth your hand over your hair, and nod.

"Yeah I know the feeling"

"I just uh, wish I could escape the bullshit. Honestly. Move away"

"Why don't you? Finish college, anal move away?"

A sardonic laugh leaves his lips and he rubs the back of his neck as he averts his gaze out the window. You don't know why he's avoiding the subject, but your curiosity sets in, and you breach the subject anyways.

"What's wrong?"

to talk

something wrong with

the fact

god... he dropped

"You dropped out? Why?"

shakes his head, and as you pull up out front of the house, he hops out of the car quickly before you've even had a chance to

wait! Why did you drop

the front door, grabbing his arm. You expect him to yank his arm out of your grasp, but he just halts. You frown, and release him, stepping around him with concern lining your

has been fucking

"Just wait a second"

want to talk about it right

bottled up inside

"Yup. I will, thanks"

frustratedly as he reaches for the doorknob, and pushes open the door,

the hell

at you two, her hands on her hips as she glances back

father just called me in a frenzy. What the hell happened? And we still have a lot

That's probably why you pry so much when it comes to Oliver,

"Mom, stop!"

Oliver's been in a fight.

like that. Oliver's moms boyfriend put

as she settles her gaze on Oliver who looks completely fed up with it all. He shoves his hands in his pockets, and raises an

"Is that true?"

"Uh huh"


his eyes, causing your mom

a shit

shrugs and begins walking down the hallway despite your

"Oliver! Get back here!"

before he disappears down the hall and she snaps her

the hell is going

to talk about his now...

right here and explain yourself. You've been having

great time to die to avoid this damn

figured we

of the

to stay? I'm eighteen years old... sorry to burst your damn bubble, but I'm an adult. I

are living under my

I wont be

shove past her, stalking

the hook! When kirk gets here you will

dealing with the nightmare back at Oliver's mom's house so I'm sure we have plenty of

you hear the familiar voice of Oliver cursing. You don't knock. Instead, you reach for the doorknob and enter the bathroom, frowning when you see him cringing while sitting atop

you're bleeding. What

mirror proves more dangerous than my mom's

of the mirror, your eyes drift to the shattered remnants of the mirror perched

the damn


into a lazy grin, and its as if he's the cocky

know hell well

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