Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 1516: The Childlike Couple

Chapter 1516: The Childlike Couple

Monica was a bit surprised, "How did you know I wanted to play with the claw machine tonight? Even the coins were ready. Are you a worm in my stomach?"

"It doesn't have to be tonight. There's an empty storage box at your place, and my idea is that it must be filled sooner or later." Tristan had actually asked Kevin to prepare the card yesterday.

Monica happily browsed the claw machines, there were so many styles. Tristan stood by her side, feeling much younger in an instant.

At night, in the brightly lit little western-style house.

Belinda, who was about to clean up the dishes, looked up at the sound of footsteps and saw Algerone Swain appearing at the door again. She stopped what she was doing, obviously taken aback.

"Let me do it." Algerone headed towards the dining table, diligently helping with the dishes.

Belinda looked at him somewhat stunned, and after a while, she asked, "Didn't you have an emergency at the company? How are you back so soon?" By her calculations, he shouldn't have reached the company yet.

"It was taken care of." Algerone Swain made three trips to get all the dishes into the kitchen, placing them into the dishwasher.

Belinda sat down on the sofa, steadying her emotions, "What are you doing back? Our daughter has gone out."

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he was single at the moment, Belinda's

tone was a bit cold, she was still curious about what he had

consider remarrying for our daughter's sake?" Algerone Swain also sat down on the

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and didn't grasp her meaning,

reason for wanting to remarry was not because of lingering feelings, or not wanting to miss out again.

need to worry." Belinda was truly upset, speaking coldly,

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maybe... he shouldn't have said it in the first place? Either way, an awkward silence descended in the living

awkward when it came to emotions, having been single for so many

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retreating figure, Belinda became even more frustrated. It would have been better if he hadn't

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