Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 3 He's Got Kids?

Finnley was stunned.

Ivan stared at her. Jennifer's eyelashes fluttered.

Jennifer told herself to calm down. He dragged her seven years ago. After that, she lost her virginity and got two babies.

Fortunately, the children went to Jayla's house and won't be back for a while.

Jennifer took two steps back. But Ivan didn't intend to let go. He was still holding her wrist.

Jennifer raised her dark and bright eyes, asking tentatively, "Are you... looking for me?"

Ivan's cold eyes were still fixed on her. Jennifer was too pure, too delicate. Her skin was as smooth as porcelain. Everything of her was familiar to him.

Finnley looked at Ivan in disbelief. He was freaked out today.

"Let go of me first." Jennifer used the other hand to remove the big palm, but he secretly increased his strength.

The pain caused her to take a deep breath and stop resisting.

Ivan looked at the bamboo house and said in a low voice, "Who else lives here?" He didn't forget the purpose of his trip. He didn't believe that Jennifer stole the Blue Sky Plan.

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Hack the system?


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"Where is the Blue Sky Plan?" He sounded ruthless.

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