Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 4 Adults Can't Tell Lies

Diana threw herself into Jennifer's arms in fear. "Mommy, are you okay? Are you injured?"

"Don't worry." Jennifer wiped Diana's tears away at once. Although she was flustered, she still smiled and said, "I'm fine."

Ivan glanced at the two children and the woman suspiciously, frowning.

His angry eyes made Jennifer's heart tighten suddenly!

Diana stared at Ivan with tearful eyes, "Daddy, you are so mean! I don't want you anymore! You beat Mommy! You are a bad guy! " She wasn't intimidated by Ivan's aura at all.

Jennifer felt bad, "Stop calling him daddy! He is not!"

"You can't change the fact!" Alfie didn't want to just give up, "A paternity test would explain everything. Would you dare?"

Jennifer was speechless and frantic. "Alfie!"

"Mommy, you've been taking everything on your shoulder for the past seven years. For the next seven years, it's his turn!" Alfie had a clear mind. He must make Ivan take them in.

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face against it with tears in her eyes. Seeing Diana's pitiful look, Jennifer

recalled the rainy night seven years ago. Did she get pregnant? Why didn't she tell him? It was such a big thing!

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