Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 5 Snatch Away the Kids

Diana didn't speak anymore. She stared at Ivan with her big eyes. She thought that Ivan was so handsome when he didn't try to grab her mom. Suddenly she felt that Ivan was a perfect match for Jennifer.

Ivan looked at the iPad, and there were indeed deletion traces of the Blue Sky Plan, and it was still deliberately sending out their location.

Somehow, when Ivan met the children's gaze, he distinctly believed them, because those eyes couldn't lie.

He had always been good at reading people.

At the age of 38, Ivan looked at the twins with mixed feelings.

Ivan gave the iPad back to Alfie. Alfie took it with both hands and put it into the little yellow duck schoolbag on his back.

Ivan crouched down, picked up Alfie, and handed him to Finnley.

Then he picked up Diana and glanced at Jennifer meaningfully. "Since the children are mine, I'll take care of them for the next seven years as they wish."

The bodyguard immediately opened the car door. Finnley quickly got into the car with the children in his arms.

When Jennifer realized what happened, Diana had been sent into the car too.

"Hey! I gave birth to them. Who are you to take them from me?!" Jennifer instinctively rushed forward, wanting to take the children back, but the bodyguard stopped her.

anxious, afraid that there would be a fight. He wanted to help, but

all, Jennifer was the mother of the children.

with you?" Seeing Ivan getting into the car, she panicked, "Aren't

learned it to protect herself after she was

head out of the car

"No, they only get beaten. Mommy will

Diana cried.

won't disappear" Alfie whispered in Diana's ear, "Now, we need

car started, and the bodyguard quickly jumped into the car, closed the door, and left under

and yelled at the distant Lamborghini, "Is that all you can do? Taking my children from me? Do you dare to face me alone without your

the secret for seven


her hands,

up. "Don't worry, Alfie and Diana won't suffer. Maybe they'll come back

that there would be no more peaceful

Once they are tired of the new things, they would

Jennifer wanted to cry!

so timid. She even cried with fright just now. What should she

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