Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 6 DNA Test Is Necessary

"My mommy's name is Jennifer Brooks. It spells J, E, N, N, I, F, E, R, and B, R, O, O, K, S."

Alfie put her arm around Diana's shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Don't be afraid Diana, Daddy is not a violent person!"

Diana trusted Alfie very much, and now the only one she could rely on was Alfie.

She nodded tearfully and asked in a hoarse voice, "So when can I see mommy again?"

"If you be a good girl, you'll see mommy very soon." Alfie took Diana's small hand and rubbed it in his palm.

Ivan noticed that Diana was timid. "Your name is Diana, isn't it?"

Diana glared at him, pursing her lips without answering.

"Come here." For the first time, Ivan reached out his hand to Diana.

Diana glanced at him warily and didn't reach out to him until saw him smile.

Ivan took Diana to his lap, which surprised Finnley because Ivan had a cleanliness fetish.

"You stole the document?" Ivan looked at Alfie again, his voice a little softer, "Alfie?"

Alfie nodded, and couldn't help but said, "Daddy, your defense system is weak. People can hack into any computer in your company in less than five minutes!"

corners of Ivan's lips flickered, "Show me now."

was stunned. Realizing that Ivan

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the iPad out of his bag and carefully entered

seconds later, he looked up.

seconds later, Ivan received

line said urgently, "Mr. Marsh, bad news, our server is hacked. And we can't find out where the

on the phone. He raised his chin complacently. Then,

end of the phone was obviously stunned. He reported again,

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for a long time." Alfie didn't hide his missing about Ivan, "I just can't

reminded Ivan of what he had done seven years

sure that the two kids were Ivan's children, otherwise, Ivan would not have been able to take them.

threw the international financial conference that had been prepared for half a year in

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quiet all along, raised her eyes. "I miss you too." There were tear marks on the corners of her eyes.

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my name is Alfie, and I super, super adore you!

slight smile on the corner of his lips, he took out his phone and sent Jordan, his

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