Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 7 Test Result

Ten minutes later.

Lamborghini slowed down and drove into another yard.

It was the residence of Rowan Watson, a private physician, one of Ivan's most trusted people.

After handing Rowan the samples, Ivan sat patiently on the couch, waiting for the result. The image of the woman seven years ago came to his mind again...

Ten minutes later.

Rowan, wearing a white coat, came out and handed Ivan two copies of the results, "Mr. Marsh, have a look."

Ivan took it over, going through the contents of it casually with his sharp eyes. Finally, his gaze landed on the last line.

It showed that the coincidence rate was 99. 9999999%.

Now the guess had turned into a fact. Ivan's mood changed slightly. He was both a little surprised and confused.

Seeing the results, Rowan was also shocked.

Ivan was known for never approaching women. He had no gossip. He always appeared as an untouchable man.

Which woman got to get close to him and even give birth to his children?

on the

Rowan was at a

Oh, Gosh!

That was exploding news!

Lamborghini headed to

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this point, Ivan knew that she was different.

woman who didn't make him feel disgusted when she approached him. Ivan didn't know why.

someone, whispered, "I need you to check a woman. Her name is Jennifer. She lives

way home, Ivan accepted the fact that he was now a

replace the old watches on the children's wrists into the latest smart watches.

the watches were turned off. So, Jennifer would definitely come over in


the flowers, tearing the petals one by one, as if they were Ivan.

had spent with her children, she couldn't help

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off! She felt so sad. Her children



Jennifer's mind. She came to a startling conclusion; Ivan wasn't

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