Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 8 Mother Urges You to Get Married

Being accepted officially, Alfie hugged Dianna in great joy.

"Diana! We have a daddy now! No one in the kindergarten could say that we don't have a daddy!"

"But what about Mommy?" Diana, the clingy girl, was a little worried. "Can we see mommy again?"

"Of course, we can." Alfie put his arm around Diana's shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Don't forget that our next goal is to match Daddy and Mommy."

Ivan, no longer frowning, said in a low voice, "This is your home from now on. If you need anything, tell Jordan. Of course, you can also tell me."

"Daddy! I love you!" Alfie confessed excitedly.

He pulled Diana to play hide and seek with the servants, eat delicate pastries, guess riddles, drive kids' sports car... Hopefully, Diana's missing of mommy will be dispelled.

With Alfie's efforts, Diana felt better. After all, she was a child.

The large villa, which had been solemn and lifeless, became lively, filled with the laughter of children.

Ivan's long-lonely heart also became warmer. His empty heart seemed to be filled at once.

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