Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 12 Didn't Take Him Seriously

Ivan stared at her calmly with his hands behind his head.

Jennifer hurriedly removed her leg from his waist.


Had she been pestering him all night?

How could this be?

"You..." Jennifer's eyes were wide open, and her face blushed, "I..."

Not waiting for Ivan to say anything, she hurriedly jumped out of bed and put on her shoes.

She ran away.

Her heart was racing, and her cheeks were like burning. She felt dizzy and flustered.

Ivan had woken up long ago, and he didn't move, just lying there, waiting in a particularly gentlemanly manner for her to wake up.

She was like a snake wrapped around his waist, hugging him tightly, and he actually didn't resent it.

The faint scent in the air gradually caused him to lose concentration gradually.

It was the smell of herbs mixed.

Ivan got up and dressed. He looked calm, but actually not calm at all.

to another room, closed

medicine, he injected

blue liquid enter the body, he was calm, for he had been injecting it for

was in the kitchen

for the

of waking up in the morning was popping up in her head. She was so distracted that she almost cut her hand

the cook to make

kitchen with three steaming bowls of tomato and

fragrant with noodles, not

the man standing in the doorway when she turned around with

and did not intend to talk to

and placed the noodles on the

again smelled her unique scent, a smell that tugged at his heartstrings, feeling soothed. He

"Mommy, daddy, good morning."

came out with another bowl of noodles, Alfie and

were dressed in beautiful new clothes,

greeted the children and seated them, "Alfie, Diana, it's time to

to be able to eat mommy's handmade noodles here! I'm so

It's great!" Diana was

saw her sitting with the kids, ignoring

you make it for Daddy?" Alfie was sharp-eyed, "How come there are

his little head, "Good boy,

Ivan did not need to have breakfast, he had just injected the nutrient solution, but

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