Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 13 She's Mrs. Marsh From Now On

He chewed carefully, feeling it was delicious, and he didn't feel sick.

Jordan inadvertently saw the scene and was stunned.

It was like seeing the sun come out of the west.

Ivan was engrossed in eating the noodles. Jordan found it was not a dream, so he stepped forward.

Ivan raised his eyes at the sound of Jordan's voice and looked indifferent.

"Mr. Marsh," Jordan stood in front of the coffee table and asked with surprise, "You can eat now? Your stomach is better?"

Ivan paused and replied, "I just taste it."

"Don't you feel sick?" Jordan was pleased.

Ivan thought for a moment, "Not really."

Jordan was cheerful to know that Miss Brooks had made the noodle. It seemed that she was a savior.

The family chef frequently changed before because no one could make food to meet the taste of Ivan. He constantly vomited no matter what he ate and relied on nutrient solutions to live.

Could Miss Brooks do magic?

always strict, was full of smiles.

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the Lamborghini in the courtyard. "It's almost eight

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sat on the custom-made sofa in the luxurious living room. His long legs folded and his arms around his chest. Leaning on the back of the chair, he patiently waited for Jennifer to

"She's too slow."

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he, who hated waiting for people, got up and walked toward the

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an evil from hell." Ivan

withdrew her gaze, rolled her eyes, and

of hangers filled with dresses, eye-catching colors, elegant and luxurious, she enjoyed looking at

a banquet this afternoon." Ivan stood

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around him no matter the occasion,

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