Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 14 Time to Make a Fuss


Jennifer watched the servant push the clothes rack away, and when she looked back, she found that Ivan was looking at her.

Their eyes met and she felt creepy under his stare.

At this time, Jordan brought all the servants to the living room, and everyone stood in a row, which made Jennifer quite nervous. What was he going to do?

"From now on, she will be my wife. She is the biological mother of Alfie and Diana." The man stood with his hands folded on the back and announced lightly, "We have got the marriage license and the wedding is in preparation."

"Greetings, Mrs. Marsh."

"…" Being stared at by so many people, Jennifer was very embarrassed, "Nice to meet you guys, I am Jennifer."

Then Ivan went to the company and she went upstairs to look after the children.

They were driving to the Marsh Group and Ivan was sitting in the back seat. Suddenly, he recalled something and felt quite puzzled.

How could a woman helping the poor in the village know about Emma?

And this gown is indeed from last season.

The ringing of the phone pulled him back through his thoughts, he lowered his eyes and answered.

"Ivan," Catherine said to him in a good mood, "I'm back home, let's go to the mayor's daughter's birthday party this afternoon together?"

know the

"Of course I know."

we go there together?" His tone was alienated,

directly hung up the


surrounded by fragrant clothes and bright lights, the 20th birthday party for the mayor's daughter, Mya Saunders, will be held

live violin music performed by famous Italian performers, and handsome waiters shuttled through

are many luxury cars outside

chatted about Ikebana, music, and art, and

Marsh is

heard about it too and I asked Mya specifically, and she said

Mya. She actually managed to invite

relationship with the mayor, so it's

and Ivan got out of the car. He looked quite charming in his

but also his children, with only one purpose, that is, to make a

has a very good figure and the beautiful dress made her

shoulders and led her into the banquet

stylishly dressed children were led by bodyguards and followed

Marsh brought

daughter is this? She

a good

are two

discussion, and she was not panicked at all. She was calm, but when she saw

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