Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 17 Someone's Upset

The next morning, Ivan went to the company very early.

When Jennifer woke up, she only felt that her body seemed to have been run over by wheels. She didn't dare to think about what happened last night.

As soon as she went downstairs, she met Jordan. He seemed to have something to say to her.

"Mrs. Marsh, there is something... I wonder if Mr. Marsh has told you." Jordan said with a serious look. "But... I think you still have the right to know since you have become his wife."

"What's the matter?"

"He has suffered from stomach illness for a long time. He has been relying on nutrition injection to maintain his life for several years."

She was shocked.

Jordan said, "He will feel sick when he eats any food, except for liquid."

"Didn't he finish the noodles yesterday?" She remembered clearly that he took away the bowl.

Jordan looked at her with a relieved smile. "So, you are his savior. This is the first time that he has eaten something in recent years, but there is no nausea."

She was so astonished that she couldn't believe it.

"But you can't always cook yourself. There are chefs here," Jordan said. "Therefore, I want to learn your cooking skills, so that I can cook for Mr. Marsh myself in the future."

"I'm not good at cooking," she said honestly. "I don't know any cooking skills, to be honest."

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"How is that possible?"

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are helping the poor in Sunshine Village and she's close to the villagers. And the two children, brought up by her, are indeed her children, but it's hard to say whether Mr. Marsh is their father. The villagers said that they had never seen the father come visit Jennifer and her kids in the past six years." Someone reported on the other end

"I see."

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