Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 18 Who's The Ungrateful One

"Go ahead. I'm listening." With his hands on the keyboard, Ivan seemed to take no interest in it.

With a slight embarrassment on her face, Catherine continued with a smile. "The Marsh Group has been chosen to take charge of the Royal New Year's Collection, the whole collection! This is a big deal, which not only can we make profit, but also once again enhance the position of our company in the industry."

Hearing such good news, Ivan didn't show any emotional ups and downs. He said in a cold voice, "It's not a big deal. Don't you make it clear on the phone?"

Although Catherine was used to his cold attitude towards people, he still treated her like this after two years, which made her inevitably disappointed.

"Ivan." Catherine forced a smile. "I won't leave this time."

Ivan looked up at her with a serious look, not surprised at all.

She blinked her eyes, put her hands on the desk, and looked at him with a soft smile. "I'm coming back to help you. Your stomach is not good, and I'll share the work in the future. It's also Aubree's wish that you take time to recuperate."

Before he could say anything, she continued, "But don't worry. Everything has been arranged in the branch company."

Did mother see today's news? Ivan thought to himself.



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