Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 20 Surprise, Surprise

Jennifer thought of last night when Ivan suspected that she plagiarized Emma's work, and she went through those conversations in her head carefully.

Did he believe it or not?

This man had completely given up his own marriage, hadn't he?

Did he really plan to tie her up with him for a lifetime?

It was not until a pair of red high-heeled shoes came into view that she slowly came to her senses and looked up at the owner of the shoes.

This was a strange and cold face. Standing high in front of her, Catherine stared at her coldly, with a touch of cruelty in her beautiful eyes.

Jennifer looked around and saw a dazzling red Bentley parking not far away. How could this woman come in?

"I know you just perform a play with Ivan, pretending to be his wife." Catherine sneered. "Do you really think that you are Cinderella?"

Full of hostility and jealousy!

Ivan's admirer?

Jennifer was like the rose behind her, and her pink lips were slightly raised. She ignored Catherine.

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