Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 22 The Marsh Family's Secret

Catherine understood. That woman must have called Ivan to complain.

Therefore, Catherine clearly realized the importance of Jennifer in Ivan's heart at this moment.

Even if she didn't want to believe it, she had to.

Looking at the beautiful mansion in the yard, and thinking of the woman holding the ginger tea on a swing, she was so envious...

Catherine didn't force her way into the Emerald Bay just because of an earring, because he knew that it would only embarrass her.

In the living room of the villa.

Jennifer played Go with Alfie and Diana.

"Mommy, when can we see Jayla?"

"Mommy, will we go back to Sunshine Village?"

"Of course, we will go back." Jennifer raised the corner of her mouth slightly. "But we have to go to a place with Dad this afternoon. And we will go back after we finished our work."

"By the way, Dad said that he arranged the best kindergarten in Arkpool City for us!" Diana asked expectantly, "Will Miss Erica be there? She is the best…"

there will love you as much as Miss Erica does. As long as you are obedient, you will be the teacher's favorite

the best

for a while and playing three rounds of Go. Marry took the

on the

Marsh, this place has never been so lively

the children's arrival did not disturb the

said with a kind look, "We

please." Jennifer gave him a

poured a cup of tea for him. "I called Ivan. He said that he would take me to see his mother in the afternoon so

Marsh's character and he was

Mr. Marsh had to marry her, they would spend their whole

the truth. He said truthfully, "21 years ago... that is, when Mr. Marsh was 17 years old, there was a big fire in the old house of the Marsh Family. Her

"21 years ago, he was 17? Then


Jennifer was stunned. "He is 12 years older

He thought, "Didn't

She quickly digested it. "You go on. I won't interrupt again.

a big fire in the Marsh Family. The fire was particularly fierce. Mr. Marsh's mother was trapped in the fire. No one dared to rush in. It was Mr. Marsh

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