Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 23 Who On Earth is She?

"But there isn't a definite date for divorce," Jordan said, "In my heart, you're the hostess of this family. You're his medicine and can cure his stomach disease."

Facing the butler's expectant gaze, Jennifer couldn't help but smile again. "Thank you for telling me these. The most important thing is that the children can grow up happily."

"Well, if there's nothing else, I'm gonna go."

She nodded and the butler turned to leave.

After a while, her cell phone rang. Jennifer took it out and saw that it was from Mya.

She answered, "What's the matter?"

"Jennifer, would you like to drink a cup of coffee and chat with me?" The girl's voice rang like a silver bell. She was always so happy and didn't know why.

"I don't have time."

She said very formally, "Don't refuse me!" She changed the subject and said, "Your husband came to see me just now! Do you know why he wanted to see me? It's about you. If you want to know, just come to the location I sent you! Bye!"

Jennifer was slightly stunned at first, but after thinking about it carefully, the curiosity in her heart disappeared.

So what if she went there?

He had already asked her, and what else could he get from Mya?

still a challenge in the afternoon--

waited for Ivan to go home.

age of Ivan, Jennifer was a little

beauty and intelligence, she had to find some handsome young man! But She actually got a marriage certificate with an "uncle"! She

later, her mobile phone rang again, and

and answered the phone. "What?"

in traffic?" The other party asked doubtfully, "Where are

I'm at home?" Sitting on the sofa in front of his study room of Ivan, Jennifer was bathed in the sunshine. "Tell me, what did he want

you afraid that I will tell him your identity?"

said softly, "Do you admit my identity?" "Mya, if you dare to tell anybody my identity again, I'll treat you like I did

the phone made a confession. "I know you don't want to

"So you should

of the phone seriously reminded me, "I didn't say that you are Emma."

Jennifer smiled and said, "Let him investigate. I am not against the law, and there is

don't you confess to me?" Mya wanted an answer

nothing to confess. Remember, don't give away my identity if you want to be my friend."

"Yes, madam."

the call, Jennifer's pure watery eyes showed a trace of deep thought.

he keep an ignorant person by his side?


the office of the president of the

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