Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 24 Get a Divorce

In the evening, Lamborghini drove to Emerald Bay.

As Ivan sat in the back seat of the car, the setting sun reflected his outline. He frowned slightly, recalling the romantic night with Jennifer seven years ago, and the scene of seeing the children for the first time a few days ago...

It was not real, which made him a little absent-minded.

There was a traffic jam in front of him, so the speed of the car was not fast.

He inadvertently turned his eyes and saw a father and son coming out of a toy store by the road. The little boy held a blue robot in his arms and couldn't let go of it. The little boy's smile deeply infected him the moment the man picked him up.

"Stop the car." Ivan said to the driver, "Go to the toy store."

The driver quickly drove the car to the side of the store. Before he could get out of the car, Mr. Marsh went to the toy store directly.

This store was very large, with a total of six floors, and they were all selling children's toys.

As soon as Ivan walked into the gate, the young and beautiful shop assistant looked at him in surprise. "Mr... Mr. Marsh?"

"Are there still the blue robots that the little boy just bought?" Ivan asked with a sense of innate nobility. He was quiet, lofty, and indifferent.

The shop assistant nodded repeatedly and said, "Yes, yes, yes. I'll get it for you right away!" Her heart almost jumped out of her mouth!

you have pink ones?" He added, "I

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the paid, the clerk handed him a bunch of flowers. "Mr. Marsh, our shop is celebrating its anniversary today. We gift a bouquet of flowers to anyone who buys two robots, and you can give the

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robots to the housekeeper. "We will go to Kensington Bay first and come back soon, so you can prepare dinner now."

turned around and his eyes fell on the woman who was standing there in a daze, with the roses in her arms. "Put down the flowers. Let's go." After

the roses on the table and turned around to

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of the window. The silence in the car lasted for about five minutes.


aesthetic standard was definitely better than that of a village

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