Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 25 His Attitude

Without greeting, she forced them to get divorced as soon as they entered the door.

Jennifer immediately realized her situation. So she did not answer but turned to look at the man beside her, who was still calm.

"You don't have to look at him." Aubree's tone was stern. "My son and Catherine are a perfect match. Although I don't know how you got pregnant with his child, and I'm not sure who the child's father is, I have shown my attitude. I don't like you. Our family is willing to raise the child, and we'll compensate you for the cost of these years."

Ivan was also silent. Jennifer couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

"I can't make the decision." Jennifer had to answer by herself. "You have to ask your son. After all, he insisted on marrying me."

This tone made Aubree very unhappy! This young woman didn't take the elders seriously at all!

"I'm asking you about your attitude! I didn't ask him!"

"Mom, marriage is not a child's play." Ivan's voice did not sound angry, but still quite intimidating. "Since we are already married, I must have thought about it carefully. I brought her back today to tell you that I can't marry Catherine."

"Ivan!" Aubree was so angry that her eyes were full of disbelief. "In order not to marry Catherine, you just married a woman so randomly?"

"I didn't do this randomly." The man said, "She is my child's birth mother. No one is more suitable to be my wife than her."

was so irritated that she covered her chest. The maid, Pippa, quickly held her. However, Ivan just bowed, turned around, and

looked back uneasily, but Ivan's pace was very determined.

beside him, and she was calmly analyzing what had happened.

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It was ridiculous!

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