Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 26 Get Daddy and Mommy Sleep Together

Jennifer was so embarrassed!

Why did he come to see her!!

He acted like he cared about her so much!

At night, the Marsh's building looked dazzling because of the lights. There was a red Bentley parked in front of the main building. Catherine saw Finnley's car in the parking space from the driver's seat.

Getting out of the car, she walked to the company.

A few minutes later, Finnley, who was in the bright president's office, looked up when he heard footsteps. "Catherine, why are you still there?"

"I'm looking for you." Catherine walked towards him. "Do you finish your work?"

"I've just made a plan. Our president pays great attention to the Royal New Year's jewelry project." Finnley said, "I'm ready to leave now."

"I want to talk to you about something private." She asked directly, "Why are Ivan and Jennifer together? They are from different worlds."

up his desk. "I never take an

said, "I came to you because I regard you as my

be honest, the reason that our

Ivan and I are

said just now, it's a fact." Finnley understood her feelings because she was his friend. "Since it's a fact, try to

only want to ask you one question today. When did Jennifer appear

children? If

"They got the marriage certificate the day

be seen by eyes can be seen by hearts. Do

Catherine but

the red Bentley, she held the steering wheel tightly, staring at the road in the night with cold eyes and recalling what Finnley

wanted to stay in the Marsh Group to help him and work hard to share his cares and

wanted to stand where he could see, being brighter and more

on the bed in the main bedroom of Emerald Bay, covered with the same quilt.

Embarrassment filled the air.

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