Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 28 He's Angry

The people who could be with him must have been tested too many times, which showed Ivan valued families.

For the sake of the child, he brought her back to Emerald Bay even before he had finished his investigation.

"Mommy, let's go back to Sunshine Village! I want to visit Jayla and go back to see Edward!"

"Mommy, I want to go back too! My things are all packed!"

Jennifer saw the children happily go downstairs and come to beg her.

It was a nice day today. If they wanted to go, then they would go! They left in such a hurry that she didn't say goodbye to the villagers.

"Madam, do you need a car?"

"No, no, I'll take a taxi. Don't be too flamboyant."


When the landline rang in Emerald Bay's living room, Jordan came forward to pick up the receiver. "Hello, Mr. Marsh."

"What are the children doing? Have they eaten?" Ivan asked with concern after work.

The butler replied, "Madam took them to some visit old friends in the village and didn't have lunch at home."

"What?" Ivan's voice became cold. "Have they returned to the village?"


after, Jennifer's mobile phone rang, while she was washing herbs with Edward



man's cold voice came, "Who asked you to take

six years safely. What's wrong to come back and have a

be the same now?" Ivan's voice sounded low, "The media has reported that they are my children. Can you consider all the

"…" She was speechless.

someone to pick you up. You're not allowed to take them


wanted to retort,

long after, there was a luxury car in the village. It turned and stopped in the

Marsh to take you

asked the bodyguard to come. Maybe he was afraid of her

this way, Jennifer and the children said goodbye to Edward and

seemed that

have any freedom

head. "I'll come tomorrow.

come out?" Edward asked


the way back, while thinking, Jennifer turned her eyes to Jordan, "Is he

is worried about your safety." The butler hoped that she could understand, "Master Alfie and Lady Diana are of noble status. If they go out in the future, they must have bodyguards


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