Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 29 She Becomes His Medicine

"You don't have to be so angry." Jennifer sounded calm.

Unexpectedly, he grabbed her shoulder and suddenly snapped. "Jennifer, I'm angry because I care about my children! I don't allow anyone to use them to threaten me!"

"..." Looking into his eyes, she gasped with pain.

Jordan on the side was anxious and wanted to stop them, but he didn't know what to say.

"I promise you." Jennifer didn't want to irritate him. "Let me go."

Three seconds later, he released and turned to walk upstairs.

"Are you going to the company?"


She watched his back disappear at the corner of the stairs.

Jordan explained to Jennifer again, "Madam, Mr. Marsh values families most. I hope you can understand him."

"I think he is extreme." Jennifer gave a slight smile. "He didn't trust people at all."

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still made it herself.

six o'clock in the evening, Alfie and Diana came

knocked on the door with small

of the room open, the children walked toward the man

he saw the children,

said happily, "Mommy has been in the kitchen for an hour and made so much delicious food. Would you like

timid and didn't dare to be like her brother. Standing not far away, she also looked at her father with

really good-looking, she

came to Diana to

Alfie in his other hand, he took the

serving dishes with Marry, came into Ivan's eyes. No matter how she was dressed up,

gratified that one was willing to cook and the other was willing to come down for

lamps emitted a bright light, which

served four bowls of rice and

worried that Mr.

he won't feel nauseous after taking it, so madam

seeing Ivan

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