Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 30 On the News Again

The children quietly left the room, turned off the lights, and closed the door.

Snuggling in Ivan's arms, Jennifer suddenly felt unreal when she thought of his perfect persona who was not attracted by women.

She got married to the commercial king who was very famous in Arkpool City.

"What are you thinking?" The man said gently.

"I'm wondering if your mother will trouble me." Jennifer thought of his mother's attitude that evening. "Or will it affect the children?"

"This is not the thing you should consider." He said coldly, "You just need to abide by the agreement and be Mrs. Marsh."

It was late at night…

That night, Jennifer was listening to his heartbeat, while Ivan was smelling the faint fragrance of her body. They both slept soundly.

The next morning.

When Jennifer woke up, she found that he was also awake, but still didn't move.

Did he wake up much earlier? Did he just not want to disturb her?

a little hoarse, because she just got up. "You

He didn't refuse.

"The butler told me about your situation. Since you are used to the food I cooked, I will cook it for you when I'm free. This is a wife's obligation. You don't have to be too moved or think more. I

Then she went out.

and soft bed with a frown. It was really strange that he

didn't let his

"Daddy, have some noodles!"

rushed into the master bedroom, Ivan had already changed his shirt. His beautiful face was without any defects, as if it was the most beautiful

Ivan buckled his wrist and bent down to pick his

put his arm around his neck and said, "Daddy, come with me. I have a gift for you. It's a

down, then pulled Ivan to

tablet to him. "Daddy, I stayed up late last night to help you upgrade the company's defense system. I promise that except me, the person who can break through this

long row of codes displayed on the tablet, Ivan was moved. He pretended to be calm, while he was


at his son

a flower. "Daddy, I hope you can love mommy well in the future. It's not easy for her to raise us in

Ivan gave him a deep kiss on his

noodles were placed on the table, the four

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