Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 31 His Son's Great Contribution

Pippa was holding her arm and advised, "Please calm down, madam. Don't lose your temper. It's bad for your health."

"I asked them to divorce. How dare they show up in public! He even bought her flowers!" Aubree hated Jennifer. "Doesn't she have any self-knowledge? How can she be worthy of my son? Doesn't she have any idea?"


"Ivan doesn't even like her. He is going against me! It's just a show put up for the media!"

"Why don't you go along with Mr. Marsh's wishes and cool down the tension between you two for a while." Pippa was worried about her, "Being too tough will make things worse."

"How sad Catherine should be when she sees the news. She has devoted her youth to the group, but Ivan doesn't even give her a look."

Catherine's office was next door to the president's office in the building of the Marsh Group.

The interior was highly well-lit, with a Nordic-style arrangement.

Holding the phone, Catherine looked gloomy, only to feel the juice in her hand instantly lose its flavor.

"Eve, did Mr. Marsh come today?" She asked the assistant with unsure.

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crucial international meeting just to send those two kids to the

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bought a bouquet for Jennifer. He walked out of the store with toys holding


"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine."

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didn't believe Ivan loved Jennifer; he was fighting

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an outstanding achievement for the Marsh Group if her work

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at the kindergarten, Ivan had his driver take Jennifer

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The technicians have done their best to fix it, but it recovers suddenly. Is it related to

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