Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 34 A Gift for Daddy

Alfie shielded Diana behind him and shouted at the woman, "Jackson bullied my sister first! And he kicked me first! He deserved it! No one can bully my sister!"

The woman was enraged entirely by Alfie, gritting her teeth, "Little brat, how dare you!" She was about to hit Alfie.

In the nick of time, the woman was grabbed by two bodyguards. Their warning gaze was as sharp as knives.

"It hurts!" The woman was hopping mad.

Ivan stroked the children's heads tenderly, looking at the woman angrily.

"Daddy." Diana said, "They deliberately picked on us first."

Ivan bent down and carried Diana into his arms, "Daddy knows."

"Mr. Marsh." The woman recognized him at once. Her legs went weak with fear, and she fell to the floor, "They are your children?"

Ivan did not respond.

The woman was fearful, but she continued with the eagerness to protect her son. "But now my son is injured, and it's just not right to do it in the kindergarten." Although she had mostly calmed herself, her voice still trembled.

"I'm not here to reason with you." Ivan stared at her indifferently, "I'm here to back my kids up."

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school." Ivan's eyes glinted with indifference. "My kids


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called the principal and requested to transfer Jackson to another school,

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bag, "I hacked the main server of R-Alan today, look!"

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In the R-Alan headquarters.

A programmer excitedly shouted, "Look.

"Zoom in."

the staff was exhilarated as the location zoomed in actually to show the Bright

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