Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 35 Being Rejected

"We must fix the system first and see if the data is still there."

"Yes, hurry up."

The R-Alan headquarters was in a mess. It would be a significant loss if the data was lost.

On the sun-heated lawn of the kindergarten, seeing that the children were fine, Ivan said goodbye to them and returned to the company.

Alfie found that someone was monitoring his location. He sneered and quickly set up a defense.

The lonely kid had drawn Miss Amy's attention.

"Alfie, why don't you go play with other children?"

"I don't like to play games, so childish. I came here to protect my sister, not to play games." He was so straightforward.

Amy smiled awkwardly and stopped asking. After all, he was Mr. Marsh's child.

Looking at the codes on his iPad, Amy thought he was playing games.

The Marsh Group.

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