Surprised Wife With Twins

Chapter 36 Ivan Arrived

Ivan put the cup on the coffee table and left the office.

He met Finnley at the elevator, "I'm off duty." He said, "Leave it to you if there is an emergency."

Finnley watched him walk into the elevator, the doors closed.

"What's wrong with him today? He's been weird since he got back from kindergarten. "

On the way home, Ivan sat in the back seat, wondering in his thoughts.

It wasn't until the Lamborghini pulled up in the courtyard of Emerald Bay that Ivan returned to his senses.

Not seeing Jennifer after getting out and walking into the living room, he calmed down.

Alfie and Diana had already been home, listening to stories.

"Daddy! "

The children were happy to see him back, "Don't you have to work overtime today?"

"No." Ivan looked around, and his gaze fell on Jordan aside, "Where is Jennifer?"

"She went to Sunshine Village."

Ivan was suddenly unhappy.

so early because he missed the taste of

couldn't concentrate on his work in his

and he especially missed her


in the sunset

on a small bench as she carefully helped sew up David's wounds, who was lying in a chair. A

and they

it hurt?" Jennifer asked while stitching,

forced a smile, "It didn't hurt after you put the medicine on it. I felt like

meeting for the children in the village, warning them not to throw glass bottles and other things into the paddy field. The cut is deep. It

"You married into a rich

this about me now?" She continued to stitch up his

"Did he force


I heard he is a business tyrant, and he is not interested in women. Doesn't sound like a

and gently wiped the sweat on

says he is. He's quite normal." Jennifer gently wrapped the gauze around the stitched wound, "It's okay. Don't let it touch cold water for two weeks. Just be careful with your injury lately.

eyes, she was shocked to find Ivan standing in

It was so surreal.

and dark eyes, she saw

devil. How come such an honorable man would

not an illusion,

He was frozen.

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