Sweet Addiction

Chapter46 Finding Out

Carl opened the door and saw Ada. She was talking to a client with a friendly smile on her face. People might want to get close to her if they saw her smile. But he had seen her smile for more than 10 years, and had no feeling for a long time.

Ada was shocked to see Carl coming in. She was surprised and thought, 'How could he appear here?'

Carl approached them and when he saw Ada, who wore an apron and a white hat, he was surprised and said, "You really can make cake!"

Ada wanted to roll her eyes, but she didn't. After all, she was a lady.

But this cake shop had been opened for almost three years. Did he think that she was having fun?

"Do you think I bought the cake for you?"

Carl didn't respond. He picked up a piece of freshly made bread and put it in his mouth. Immediately, his mouth was full of the rich milky aroma. So sweet...

"I'm here to pick you up."

Heard what he said, Ada remembered that she was being angry!

"No!" Finishing the word, she turned around and walked into the kitchen.

Carl was shocked. She looked at her back and thought, 'Ada was so obedient before. Does she throw a tantrum now?

"Come back with me. My mom miss you so much."

Ada ignored Carl, who was following her. She didn't want to go back home after adjusting her emotions. And as soon as she saw Carl, she could think of the newspaper that day, which made her angry.

But Carl was very impatient. He pulled Ada aside and said in a low voice, "Go back with me. I have broken up with that woman."

Ada didn't prepare for it so that she suddenly ran into Carl's arms and felt the temperature of his chest under the palm of her hands. She was a little happy. Was he explaining to her just now?

"Really? Will you be on entertainment news again one day?" Ada pouted.

Carl smiled reluctantly and promised, "Never, Can we go home now?"

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anyway. The man in the photo was dressed in a golden flash coat and drove a flirtatious car. The man today was dressed in an expensive suit and his

Carl was a pretty and attractive man. However, he would be normal when he was serious.

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to go out. And he blinked at Janet who was passing by. How simple Janet was, her face turned

Aaron and Jackson said, Carl has been flirting all the

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why don't we get out of the car?" Blinking his big eyes, Barrie asked in a sweet voice.

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was stunned and smiled helplessly. He thought in his heart, 'Is it hereditary?' Then he said to Barrie, "That aunt is not here today. We'll come

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Barrie's head tenderly, Mack started the car and drove back home.

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is much more kind than you. She cares about us

Irene, but why did Carl make complaints about him. So Aaron said, "Don't be complacent. Irene cares about Ada. Who cares about

Carl felt speechless.

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me. Are you available tomorrow? Would you like to go shopping with me?" In fact, shopping was not a big deal. Irene just wanted to make Ada happy. She had been repressed herself in the past few days. She refrained herself from calling

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