Sweet Twins

Chapter 647 The Price

"Shh, Hardy, don't let Charles hear what you said. I tell you, he is a bad guy. Be careful, or he might..." As he spoke, Derrick made a gesture of cutting his neck.

What he said only made Hardy angrier. If he could, he would’ve pushed Derrick hard so he would fall on the floor. "You'd better save it. Charles is not as heartless as you! How could you do that to Joseph? You deserve how your son ignores you."

Without saying anything, Derrick flashed a smile and shook his head.

There was not even an ounce of guilt in Derrick's heart after everything he had done. This was still the life he wanted, even if that meant he needed to pretend to be a fool for a little longer.

The first place Charles went to when he left them was Nancy's hospital room, only to find out that she had already fallen asleep.

After all the trouble she made last night, how could she not get tired?

But he was tired too!

With his sleepy eyes, Charles looked around the room and figured there was a space beside Nancy which could accommodate him.

Therefore, he lay down next to her until he drifted off to sleep.

Perhaps because of the medicine, Nancy felt much better and more relaxed when she woke up.

When she turned around and found a person lying beside her, she was shocked.

Without expecting that it was Charles, she kicked him. "Who are you?"

Maybe it was because Charles was exhausted and had a deep sleep that even if he was kicked, he didn't wake up.

"Charles?" As soon as she recognized him, Nancy immediately got angry. "It’s you!" The next second, she was already twisting Charles’ ear. "Get up! Didn't you say that we would go on separate ways? What do you mean by lying on my bed now?"

The moment he felt a sharp pain in his ear, Charles finally woke up. "Nancy, let go of me!" He grabbed Nancy's hand and added, "Can you stop being so cruel?"

facing a man who doesn't love me, and I don't love you either. How gentle should I be?" As she said this, Nancy pushed him

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is mine! Do you understand?" First, his sleep was disturbed, and then Nancy pushed him down the

you know how to cure people? Do you know how to operate on a patient? Can you? Humph! You said the hospital is yours? Can you manage it all by yourself?" Even though Nancy

made a mistake again. You are no longer

told Brandy that as long as I recover, I can come back to work. Can you still call yourself a man if you don’t keep your promise?" It was as if Nancy had been poured a bucket of cold water over her

promise. Nancy, if you are able to please me like last night, maybe I will be happy and let you come to work. What do you

Dream on!" Being seen through by Charles, Nancy wanted to hit

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to kill you!" The more he tried to restrain her, the more Nancy felt like a bird in a cage craving for

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