Sweet Twins

Chapter 649 Invite Trouble

Never did Charles imagine that these people would suddenly rush into the room; nor did he expect that Nancy would use them against him.

As Brandy graduated from a prestigious university and had studied abroad for a few years, it never crossed his mind that she was inferior to Nancy.

Besides, she had written a lot of thesis in the field of pediatric, so her medical skills were trusted and recognized by Charles. Otherwise, he would not let her take Nancy’s place.

"Do you know who Director Brandy is? As for her qualifications, she is definitely not inferior to Nancy. You have to patiently explain to the children that Director Brandy is a good doctor so they would understand. Once they get to know her, I’m sure they will stop making trouble," Charles said patiently.

Someone had noticed that Charles didn't seem to have a plan to let Nancy go back to work, so he shouted, "Mr. Fu, what you’re saying is nonsense. What we want to know is when will Director Nancy go back to work!"

"That's right. We don't care how skillful Director Brandy is. It was Director Nancy who performed an operation to our children, so it's understandable that she's the only one they recognize."

Someone else echoed, "Yes, Director Nancy is the savior of my child. If it wasn't for her, my child's legs would have been amputated. She is such a good doctor. It's a pity that you don't let her go to work."

"You can't destroy such a good doctor. It's not easy for our country to train outstanding doctors. You can't waste resources."

"Why are you all beating around the bush?" Let me get straight to the point. My child also came for Director Nancy. Until now, he hasn't had an operation yet because he was waiting for her. Tell me, do you want her to perform an operation on my child or not?" It was a middle-aged man with a thick beard who spoke. He was obviously not a man to be trifled with. He didn’t falter even in front of Charles.

After hearing everything they had said, Nancy was overjoyed. Even if Charles was powerful, he couldn't go against the will of the public.

The patients needed her, and she also needed the patients to realize her own life value.

On the contrary, Charles was extremely displeased. He had never been threatened by anyone. People feared him. How could these people talk to him this way? "This hospital is mine, so I decide who will stay and who will not. I'll say it again, Brandy isn't inferior to Nancy. If you don't believe me, ask Brandy to perform the operation on your child before making a conclusion!"

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