Taming The Alpha Female

Chapter One - Red Wine Makes Everything Better

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The club was playing my favourite song, Tonight I am lovin you. For parties— I always go for Enrique Iglesias. But tonight, I wasn’t enjoying my Red wine and certainly not the song. The crowd is insane tonight. But it doesn’t matter where I am. That thing...is still there. That scared little girl, bullied and taken for granted.

Over the time I have turned myself into this arrogant and bossy person. Even my face says buzz off faster than my mouth can. I have my reasons though. Being vulnerable, is the last thing I want for myself. And this drink, has always helped me to gulp my insecurities down. Being the eldest child, had its’ own perks. I was always asked to be strong even when I did not want to.

Fake it till you make it...right?

It was probably my third glass, when I felt a hand crawling on my back. I turn around impulsively and hit my molester. Well, surprisingly it was my poor bestie pouting at me and rubbing her nose like a child. I wanted to laugh at her but I couldn’t. She survives my punch...she can survive anything.

"I am sorry; I didn't saw you coming." I gasped.

"It’s fine. Getting your attention was hurtful though. You are spacing out a lot these days." Samantha aka my bestie and my-part-time-mom stated.

“It’s just work you know. Let's go. I will drop you home. You have appointments tomorrow?" She nodded but didn’t say anything. I know she was bothered about me. But there are things which I can’t share. Not even with her. Afterall, her brother is my fiancé. Well, soon-to-be-ex-fiancé. Standing up from my seat I passed my card to the bartender.

"Good night girlie, see you soon?"

He will see me sooner than he thinks. He is a nice company to keep—gives a regular rub to my ego.

"Good night Chang. And yes, you will see me soon. You know that. Thanks man." After giving him a half hug over the table, I and Samantha exited the floor. We got company at gates, the club bouncers.

"Hey girls, drive safe.”

"you know I will. I will keep her safe.” I said dramatically throwing my hands up in the air. Then I waved them bye and walked towards the loves of my life. This place was so peaceful; I can spend my entire life here. All I can see— were sexy big-ass cars. Most of the supercars in Seattle, are probably here.

when the owner of this place told me, this building even has a

killing zombies and jumping on a helicopter someday. Like Resident evil." I asked the tall

Dede? You have to stop watching those zombie shits. Isn't going to happen in real life." She exhaled while patting my back. Sometimes, she behaves like my mother, always telling me to come down to earth from my fiction and

Dinosaurs died out of meteor shower. We might end

read, a lot. Being the smartest person in the room was always my moto

I am

in chaos, I have

I have the least amount


She breathed and went back to her phone, continuing her conversation with someone-more-important-than-me. After ordering, I light my cigarette and took a long drag. The sky was dark and gorgeous. Anxiety took over me and I took out phone and checked if I

went to my car. Samantha was allergic to tobacco smell. I roll down the windows and let

even look at me for next five minutes. And I was certain, it was not a patient and certainly not a colleague. Replying in text or an email is not something she is

patients with migraine issue. They are asking me to come and check her. I am drunk. I

will she. When she decided to move out with me to a whole new state, I knew I found a gem of a person. She

messing-with-Lucas. I know you will not sleep if he is awake.” She ordered me

only I know what is waiting for me at

I was drunk too, but not like her. Since I was driving, I had to be more careful. But now that my friend is safe and sound, I can take a moment

an empty

have been thinking. Was it all worth it? All the pain, anger and now this, emptiness. Was it necessary?” the voice of the Radio-jockey was taunting me. I just turned it off abruptly and drove towards my place.

the back seat and stepped out. My bags, phone and couple of files for work and laptop. My car was a beast in front of my five

grey in colour and had a customized name plate. L4T3R SUCK3RS. I...

it a last glance, I started walking towards the elevator. I pressed the floor button and hoped in when it arrived. The elevator stopped in between my ride and I was not expecting anyone to reach home this early. I cursed under my breath as I saw someone stepping

not notice anything at all. I looked down on my neatly-done nails and my oh-so-killer-heels. The person next

working late night—on Friday?" My neighbour,

I responded to him with

so straight to the point right now. I am unapproachable most of the time, and that’s the truth. Except when I am at work. From the corner of my eye, I saw him shifting his weight from one foot to another. The environment inside the elevator was annoyingly silent. After

free tomorrow?" Rubbing the back of his neck he smiled shyly. Excitement and nervousness were so clear in his voice, my inner Satan

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