The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General

Authors:Crazy Carriage
Num Chapters:4820
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Chapter 4820

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Information of The Almighty Dragon General novel:

Author: Crazy Carriage

CP: Thea Callahan and James Caden novel ...

Falling victim to an ingenious conspiracy, the whole Caden family perished in the fire. Fortunately, Thea Callahan pulled James Caden out of the fire. 10 years later, James returned with two goals in mind. One is to repay Thea for saving her life, the other is to avenge those who murdered her family. When he met Thea again, he promised her only one thing: as long as she was by his side, she would have the world in the palm of her hand.

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This book sounds exactly like how "leading my family to glory" started... I hope the author gets more creative going forward and avoids the obvious similarities.


The Almighty Dragon General novel has been really interesting and good so far. but how long will you make James kiss Thea and her family's a$$??...‍♀️at this point the book isn't even about James and it's really getting boring. The character is stupid her family is annoying and all James is doing is kissing Thea a$$.


already spent almost $70 on this book.i hope the author will not make it too long just to earn money. In charge of the cadets death already suffered and just have to look for the painting.I hope the next chapter will be in favor to james and not for the credit of anyone else again and again and again!


What can i say, this is an amazing book, started to read fri night 21 chapters then again on sat now 105 chap in and so hard to put down keep saying 1 more. I think the picture should be changed to a taller, buff out Military type that displays James aura.


The Almighty Dragon General story is interesting but costly to read. I wish I could read more. Started reading on Friday thou had network issues but still ensure I kept reading


Right! Too many characters. I keep on reading and paying thinking the new update will have its ending and they will know his real identity.

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The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General

4820 Chapters

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