I wrapped my hands around Nina and pulled her close to my body just as Mark pulled off the cathedral. I had sent John to drive Nina's car while Mark drove us home. 

I had never been this excited in my life than I am now. I'm finally going to introduce her to my two naughty brothers who have refused to come to my wedding because they were not in support of me getting married to Deborah.

I snickered as soon as I mentioned that name in my head, I will do anything to find her even though it means hiring a private investigator. I would do that cause I know it's dangerous that Deborah is still out there.

“ Are you okay?” Nina's voice brought me out of my deep thought, I turned to gaze into her eyes while trying to soften my hardened look. The light from the street light illuminated her face and made it glow in the dimness of the car interior.

I bend to peck her slowly on the lips, savoring the taste of her lips. Gosh! How I've missed them. 

Nina raised her eyebrows at me surprised after I had pulled away from her, she smiled gently before smirking at me“ What was that for?” She asked me.

I smiled at her and bent down again to peck her but this time it was on the cheek“ I just couldn't resist you” I replied shrugging. Nina watched me curiously like she couldn't believe me but she let it slide without saying anything afterward…

“So, what were you thinking about so seriously earlier?”Nina repeated her questions to me which I had forgotten in my distraction of her rosy kissable lips.

“ I was just thinking about today,” I told her as she offered me an understanding smile. I shuddered from the thought that I nearly got married to Deborah, what would have happened if Lillian didn't rescue me on time? And Mrs. Melton, who would have ever thought that she would defend Deborah like that, I always thought that they hated each other. I'm gonna take everything that they have from them, I'm so happy that I trusted my instinct and signed the prenup. Now, all the Melton's properties are mine.

“ Where are you taking me?” Nina asked me after some time breaking the silence which had fallen between us as we were both lost in our thoughts.

“ It's a surprise!” I called to her, Nina grunted under her breath but chose not to speak. I scoffed at her as Mark pulled into my Villa. He came over to open the door for me. I got out and turned to open the door for Nina, she smiled at me and turned to stare at my house with surprise written all over her face.

I had relocated from that house ever since Deborah was there and moved into a more spacious house with a wide landscape.

“ Wow!! This is so beautiful and calm” Nina exclaimed in awe. I laughed loudly, I've missed the look of surprise on her face when she sees something she likes.

Nina turned to glare at me before marching off in the direction of the house. I couldn't help laughing at her retreating back, she looks so cute when she's angry.

“ Baby, are you still annoyed with me?” I asked her in the elevator as we were standing side by side at the back while John stood in front of us at alert, he had come in after parking Nina's car in the garage, she wouldn't still talk to me.

them. I was getting

to glare at

won't make fun of you again” I said to her but she still wouldn't respond. I felt like punching John, how dare he laugh, when I'm in pain? Isn't he supposed to help me

my door as soon as the elevator

about to tell John to hire a private investigator for Deborah's case when I heard Nina's scream. I ran up the hallway

What is it? Are you alright?” I called frantically at her while searching around for what could have possibly made her scream. I froze

Emma, with a

cowardly in front of me, scared of the cold looks in my eyes“ I'm sorry sir, Victor, and Vino were searching for the Playstation earlier, that's why it is like this. I will get to it immediately” Emma apologized softly to me as she got back to what she

to their respective houses. I'm getting tired of

Nina cut me off just as I was to scold Emma. I let it go since it

reached out to hold her hands while guiding her to the second sitting room where my two brothers were busy playing Xbox

Victor called to me as he threw a handful of popcorn into his mouth and munched on it loudly without looking at me. He turned to glare at Vino who has cheated his way out of

between teeth without taking his eyes off the game. He and Victor were dragging the

you” I called to them but whatever I said fell on deaf ears as they both grunted under

annoyed as I found my way around the dimly lit room to put on the switch and also switch off the television earning a growl from my

What did you do that for? I was about winning the crown” Victor grunted at me shooting me

I guess he was glad that I had rescued him on time from the embarrassment of losing to Victor. He stares at Nina who has put her head down“ And you must be

two brothers to her“ Nina, meet my brothers,

to them as she raised

that she's here and not Deborah, that means the wedding didn't work out, right?” Vino continued curiously,

will want to have the juicy details in full“ It was a narrow escape. Lillian came to my rescue” I told them while explaining everything that has

Victor said grunting in regret as he turned to glare at Vino. I knew it was Vino's idea

Don't look at me that way, I didn't force you to stay, moreover it was your idea for us to play Xbox” Vino returned Victor's glare as they banter on and forth between them. Sometimes, they do behave like twins

attitude“ Let's go inside baby, they are always like this with each other. They can carry on like this still in the morning” I

had forgotten that I have had the pictures from all her photo sessions made into frames for me. My room was decorated

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