The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 899 A Different Person

When the director hears this, she starts to panic again. She feels that her daughter is too kind.

"You can't have such thoughts because he belongs to you. What if that woman abandons him after you give up?"

"It's impossible. Miya has done so much for him."

"Then have you ever thought about what you did for him? John was just moved by what Miya did."

Rory has made a big decision this time. "Don't say it anymore. Anyway, I have already made up my mind. I hope that man will leave and never appear in my line of sight again."

"Don't say such stupid things. It's no way that you will drive him away. Without him, what would you do?" The director is so distressed. Why does her precious daughter not know how to fight for her happiness? The bystander is more concerned than the player.

"What will I do? He doesn't belong to me anyway. He lost his memory. We can't continue to deceive him and simply pretend to give him a memory." Rory cares less now and blurts out.

The director immediately covers her mouth and says, "Didn't we make a deal not to talk about it?"

But now, Rory is indifferent to it and says lightly, "He just lost his memory. One day, he will remember."

The director is even more anxious. Why does she always rub it in? "Didn't we agree that we won't bring it up?"

After all, she is the one who acted on her own. "Rory, don't worry. I've always been the one who prepared the medicine for him, so I have a way to prevent him from remembering anything."

Rory suddenly realizes something. "It turns out that the medicine you provided is the cause of his headache."

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