The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 913 I'm Going to Find Him

Miya is sweating profusely on the bed. In the end, she wakes up from her nightmare and muttered John's name.

Anson stays by her side and never leaves, holding Miya's hand tightly. When Miya opens her eyes, she immediately pulls her hand back.

"Are you OK?" Anson asks worriedly. However, Miya doesn't want to speak.

Anson bites the bullet and continues, "I know you're still angry with me. I've sent my men to find John, so..."

"Please take me to find him. I'm afraid something bad is happening to him." Miya can't help but panic.

"I don't know his current whereabouts," Anson says despondently, and his eyes are filled with clear sadness.

"Your father must know John's whereabouts. We need to find him." Miya will not give up no matter what. However, when she manages to get up from the bed, she takes a few steps and falls down badly. Anson hurries over and helps her up. "How are you? Are you OK?"

Miya suddenly bursts into tears. "I'm really useless. It's all my fault. If he dies, I don't want to be alive anymore."

Miya holds her head with her hands and shake her desperately. Anson grabs her hands and says, "Don't act recklessly now. Trust me, I will find a way to help you solve all of this. Furthermore, my father has promised me that he won't hurt John. He said that John was dead, but it was a lie."

"What if it's true?" Miya's eyes are filled with tears as she looks at him pitifully.

"If this is true, I will die with you." Anson blurts out without hesitation. Miya is touched.

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