The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 916 A Strange Phenomenon

Anson walks to Miya and asks seriously, "You don't want them to get engaged, right?"

Miya keeps nodding.

"You'll get it," Anson says and then walks aside to make a phone call. Although Miya feels a little confused, she doesn't dig into it but fixes her eyes on John.

After a while, she picks up a glass of wine and drinks it. She finally knows how it feels to numb oneself through liquor.

She actually watches John get engaged to another woman with her own eyes. How can she not feel heartbroken?

She holds the wine glass and looks at the two people on the stage with tears welling in her eyes. John and Rory look at each other affectionately, as if they are the only people in the world. They're so intimate that Miya suddenly feels that she truly loses John.

She knows that the eyes never lie. It looks like John loves Rory deeply now.

Are John and Alex really not the same person? Has she mistaken John for Alex? They look very similar, so how would she get the wrong person?

Thinking of this, she takes another glass of wine and drinks it in one gulp. Then she feels a burning sensation in her throat. It turns out that she has drunk a glass of strong wine. No wonder she feels a little dizzy now. Should she give up and bless them? But she just can't do that.

the bride, then John can't get engaged.

bunch of strange people come and surround the room. Is it an illusion? She feels that those people are all staring at

it's time to stop drowning her sorrows. She put down the wine glass and walks over, waiting and seeing what

here just to cause trouble. Are they going to harm John? Although John has betrayed her, she doesn't want him to

Anson comes back and pats Miya's shoulder. He feels pity for her and says, "Are you all right? Do you need me

to see the doctor?" Miya

you'll have a surprise," Anson raises his

to do?" Miya looks at Anson with confusion. Anson wants to keep her

exactly is it?" Miya can't

your anger. When you see this, you'll be very happy,"

won't be happy. So don't waste your time and energy on

I only like you right now. Can't I be nice to

rush around for me. This makes me

then marry me and stay by my side for the rest of your life. I will protect you forever," Anson expresses his love for Miya sincerely. After

and pulls away. Anson fails

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