The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 919 He Comes

Anson walks in and sees that the room is a mess. Miya still refuses to eat and even throws the food all over the ground. She curls up in a small corner like a puppy.

This almost breaks Anson's heart.

He takes a deep breath and wends his way to Miya.

He crouches down and gently strokes her hair.

"Everything will be okay," he says in a deep voice.

But Miya doesn't listen to him. Instead, she feels impatient and pushes him away.

"Go away! I don't want to see you now!"

"Don't be so emotional. You should know that you haven't eaten for several days. If this continues, you will die," Anson persuades with good intentions.

Miya replies indifferently, "So what if I die?" Anyway, she doesn't want to live in the world anymore.

"How can you be so selfish? Have you ever thought about your children, your family and me? You've promised me before. I've been waiting for you, but you just abandon me?" Anson says excitedly.

He shakes Miya's shoulder with all his strength.

Miya doesn't stop him, because she doesn't care about anything now.

"Please wake up, okay? You abandon yourself just for a man who doesn't love you. Do you think it's worth it?" Anson can't stand it anymore. During these days, he has comforted her through all sorts of methods, but all are useless. Miya has always been spiritless.

this, Miya

it possible that he doesn't love me...?" Miya

you really love him, you should win him back instead of giving up yourself," Anson says

refuses, "What does it have

like you, so your thing is mine. No matter whether you agree or not, I will not allow you to abuse yourself like this," Anson

tell me what exactly you like about me?

but Anson feels even more

stop loving you. I will support all your choices and help you do whatever

doesn't take it seriously and shakes her head gently, "Don't say such things to me

closes her eyes, waiting for death. This world has nothing to do with her

pretend to be dead. I know you've always heard me. Can't you give me a chance? If you think

that, Anson

dejectedly ahead, "What exactly

just want to enter your world and win your heart. But you always ignore what I've done for you," Anson is downcast as

brightening, Miya looks

seems that she truly always ignores his kindness to

she says after careful

to apologize to me. What I want is that you can be

long, but you still can't give me a tiny chance?"

what to

You clearly know what I want the most. I've tried so hard. Don't

suddenly doesn't know what to do with

know you're hurting now. But think about what I've done for you these past few days, and about those

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