The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 920 Rory Has a Car Accident

"John, you finally come. Do you know how much I miss you?" Miya doesn't care about anything and throws herself into John's embrace. The man in front of her is her world.

However, Anson is extremely sad. He has tried to win Miya's heart for so long, but John ruins it. Anson really hates his cowardice.

"Don't call me John. My name is Alex," Alex says seriously, while Miya feels her heart is in her mouth.

"What did you say?" she asks in disbelief.

"Don't forget that I am your man and your husband. I will never allow others to bully you," Alex says arrogantly.

Hearing this, Miya becomes even more excited, "You finally remember everything?"

"If I didn't regain my memories, you might have become someone else's girlfriend. From now on, I will protect you well." Alex pulls Miya behind him, as if Anson is a ferocious beast like a tiger.

Anson suddenly feels a little hurt. What hurts him isn't Alex's presence but Miya's rejection of him. He mocks himself, "Miya, am I a bad person in your eyes? Are you going to leave with him?"

He focuses all his attention on Miya.

Miya is more excited than nervous, because Alex finally remembers her and can stay by her side at ease.

She holds Alex's hand tightly.

really back?" Miya looks at him with tears in her


at him in disbelief, because she can't believe what

at me,"

believe it. You actually regain your memories. Tell me

fact is what you see. I'm sorry for what you've experienced these days." Alex touches

is worth it. But aren't

is fine now," Alex says calmly. It's clear that he doesn't

the answer. After all, she has witnessed their engagement, which hurts her so

everything is fine, then everything will be fine." Alex

are you still hiding the truth? Just tell

day. I was injected with some drug by

that the director gave me. She even told me to see a doctor, who helped me regain my memories in two days. After

is a little angry when he thinks of what he has seen

really didn't do it on purpose." Miya knows that

know what makes me angry? It's not that he kissed you by force, but that you didn't push him away."

feels a little guilty and

she can finish speaking, Alex interrupts

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