The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 922 Happiness Is Simple

"I know Alex is the man you like. You are able to get rid of me soon. I will never stop you from being with him anymore. I only hope you to not forget me for the rest of your life. My last wish is that before you leave, you can kiss me goodbye..." Anson says with almost all of his strength.

After saying those words, Anson coughs a lot and then looks at Miya, trying his best to force a smile.

Miya is sad and almost falls apart as well. However, she hesitates to kiss Anson as he said, because Alex is standing beside her. She turns to look at Alex.

However, Alex nods at her, meaning he agrees her to kiss Anson. Since Alex is not angry, Miya decides to satisfy Anson's last wish. "I'm sorry," she says to Alex in her mind.

Miya slowly approaches Anson and kisses him on his lips gently. Their relationship ends up with the kiss.

Anson stares at Miya, eyes closed.

"No!" Miya finally lets out a scream.

With the scream, Anson's life comes to an end.

After the incident, she and Alex have been released. Besides, the director and Bruce do not make things difficult for them.

Miya knows it all thanks to Anson.

able to accept that his daughter and son have left him one after another, let alone the latter is killed

and says

didn't expect your appearance would really change the fate

is willing to let go of

do you let go of us?" Miya fails to prevent herself

And he asked me to

finished speaking, Derrick leaves as well. He specially arranges

puts herself in Alex's arms. The trip is like a terrifying

Alex's embrace, she is awakened frequently. Only when she opens her eyes and sees

let's live a happy life together," Alex comforts her soon, as he probably tells

"Yes. Everything

they return to their familiar home, all the children

have you been? We really

you," Miya puts on a bright smile and

just wanted you to go on a honeymoon. I didn't expect you would leave us

a little brat. Is that how you talk to your father?" Andre stops

go travelling and enjoy ourselves

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