The convenient Bride

Chapter 52: Thank You for Protecting Me


When they went back to the private room, Rosiley was happy to see Sachin.


She sat down beside him and held his arm affectionately.


Sachin touched her head and whispered, “Are you OK?”


Rosiley shook her head and smiled, “Im íine. Payton was there to support me and I was dominating."


“I was awesome. What do you think, Rosiley?”


Payton moved closer and took the credit.


Rosiley gave him a thumbs up and nodded in admiration, “Yes. What you said to them was so sharp but without a crude word. You were at your best and no one would be better than you. When I saw that Rorey was so angry as if she wanted to kill me, I vented my anger and I was delighted”


“That's good. She has to pay for bullying you. lf Sachin did7t warn me not to fight with them, I would have slapped them.”


Payton snorted. He showed his power just now, but apparently he was not satisfied with the ending.


Rosiley smiled and looked at Sachin gratefully, “Thank you for protecting me.”


“You're welcome. it's my duty to protect my wife.”


Rosiley and Sachin were enjoying themselves, Rorey and


anger. Her pretty face turned completely ferocious at this moment, and she shouted, “Bitch! She's a bitch! I will definitely get even


“Have you sworn enough?”


voice made him annoyed and he shouted at her


so mad at me? You didn't shout at that man when he humiliated me, but you shouted


hadn't made trouble


first time to say


at him in disbelief, "Yunis, what do you mean? Are you going to stand against me for


Yunis felt exhausted, physically and


forehead weakly and sighed softly, “Forget it. Go back to the Tangs villa tonight. m tired and I don't want




wanted to chase her away. She was so livid that


Yunis watched her back and kind of


Yunis thought of what Rosiley said before she left and her leaving


Rosiley should be


he lost her because of

how good Rosiley was until he


her temper with him, nor would she yell at him. She was


she was hiding in


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