The convenient Bride

Chapter 102: My Brother Will Kill Me

Although Payton sounded rather miserable, Rosiley did not take it seriously at all.


With his face, no matter where he went, there would be countless women falling in love with him. What was there to be afraid of?


Rosiley rolled her eyes at him and said, “Well. So, you think my presence will affect your love, don't you?"


Payton grinned, "Yes, you are exceptional. Other women will feel that they can't compete with you.”


"Is that so? Since I'm so exceptional, why don't you take me away from your brother?"


Rosiley raised her eyebrows at him and smiled.


When Payton heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he said with a shocked expression, "Rosiley, come on. Don't make fun of me. My brother will kill me!"




Rosiley pretended to despise him, and laughed, “It seems that you're really scared of your brother.”


Payton said with a depressed tone, “Poor me. I have never been afraid of anything but my brother since I was a child. Only he can control me. My brother is my nemesis in this lifetime."


" l see.”


Rosiley suppressed her laughter, but out of the corner of her eye, she glimpsed a lot of people around looking at them frequently. She couldn't help but frown and hurriedly pulled Payton to a corner.


"Is your brother coming?”


"He's already here.”


“Where is he?” Rosiley's eyes lit up and she hurriedly looked around.


"Stop looking. He hasn't entered yet. He told me to enter through the special passageway first. I'm glad that I didn't enter through the main entrance. Otherwise, I would have been surrounded by people.”


"Is there a difference? You're being watched by others now."


curled up her lips and scanned the surroundings. She saw that many women were approaching


far away from them, Hazel and the others


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a little scared and


the pain of being


“That man is really outstanding! Who


to see


glimpse of him, she was immediately attracted


a very picky


a few suitors, and quite a few men had


Payton, her heart couldn't




person. He was quite good-looking, and most importantly,


“It's him. I want to


that the man she had taken a fancy to was walking towards


just a bitch that

Are you interested in


looked at Manny in surprise, as if she was surprised by her


a hint of fanaticism was in her eyes.


her, Rorey wanted to say


the end, she chose to


this woman seemed to be easy to get along with, Rorey knew that Manny always looked down upon


her joking with Hazel and Yunis in


them went to greet the super stars in the entertainment industry just now,


of this, Rorey showed a trace


who dared to look down on her would have to pay a


you want to go over and say hello? Such a good man is the


to be fanning the flame, and only


type. Anyway, I want him. I'll snatch him away


very confident in her appearance. She was

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