Chapter 2 Now, Can I Sit Here

The one who saved you,Hedy’s voice remained calm and unruffled

She wasn’t exactly a kindhearted person, but she was willing to save Amos

She pulled the belt off the dead body and used it to stop the bleeding above Amos’s thigh

Then she grabbed a tree branch and tore off the dead man’s shirt to use as a makeshift bandage

Amos grunted, the veins on his neck bulging. Despite his advanced age, he didn’t cry out in pain

Hedy couldn’t help admiring Amos even more

She took out a bullet, bit open the cap at the base, and sprinkled the gunpowder evenly over the wound, which had already been stopped from bleeding

After that, she lit the gunpowder, creating a dazzling flame on the wound

Amos still showed no signs of pain. Instead, he stared at Hedy with a sharper gaze

This is an emergency hemostasis and disinfection method commonly used on the battlefield. Who are you?” 

Such a familiar technique didn’t seem like something that could come from the hands of an eighteenyearold girl




Chapter 3 Now Can 15 He 

Moreover, she had just blown off the head of the Italian assassin with one shot, displaying remarkable marksmanship

It was as if she had repeated this entire sequence of actions countless times before

Hedy frowned

In the end, she revealed her name, Hedy Ellis.” 

With Amos’s status, even if she played dumb, her background would still be thoroughly investigated

However, no matter how much he investigated, he wouldn’t be able to discover that she was a reincarnated person

The sound of numerous footsteps approached from a distance. Hedy knew that Amos’s reinforcements had arrived

She left Amos behind and headed towards her own home

Amos stayed there in a daze

Was she just going to leave like that

She saved a national hero and didn’t even want any rewards

Ordid she disdain taking it

The next morning, Hedy bid farewell to her parents and boarded the bus with a backpack, heading towards school

It was still early, and there wasn’t much traffic on the highway. The relaxed driver’s nerves suddenly tensed up as a RollsRoyce sports car approached from the opposite direction




སྲོ་ཁོme:: ཀྲི 

driver to catch a glimpse of the man

were sharply defined, with a chiseled jawline, and his deep, narrow eyes exuded an icy coldness. He was even more handsome than the hottest male celebrities


and disappeared

head, engrossed in playing with

Trial mission

sounded, and she saw a line of text that

(1): Achieve first place in the monthly exam at Lowell High School.”

of the final year of high school, taking

stopped at the gate of Lowell High

and in front of her, there was a musical fountain with a giant white book sculpture in the middle. The book was engraved with

education for




Con 1 B

it was the best elite school in the city, students and their families passing by were

other hand, was an exception.

jeans. The edges of her canvas shoes had turned yellow, and

from everything and

attracted attention.

bumpkin? We don’t have any

the poorest in the whole school? It’s Mr. Johnson’s

as hell, with that thick bangs looking like a female ghost. How could

her bangs

Take a picture and show it

new continent, many students took out their phones and

even left in a


her bag on one shoulder, hands casually in her pockets, standing tall with




glint at the corners mesmerized and instilled a sense of

and cool demeanor, they could believe

a hairstyle change, what’s so surprising?”

wore disdainful expressions and spoke with

hide Hedy’s beauty, and the fact that this news of her transformation was spreading like wildfire within the

Hedy reached the entrance of the senior year (Class 2) classroom following her memory

disdain and disgust, their


bumpkin is beautiful!”

in, I can smell that

it. I’m gonna puke my

Stephen Johnson, wanted to put Hedy in the same class as Oliver? But even the vice

why they just put her



103 Macheng 

Hedy’s fault. She should go

stepped into the classroom.

to make more friends, the school allowed everyone to freely choose their seats on a first–come, first–served basis.

an empty seat, but before she could even place her backpack down, the girl at the neighboring desk slammed

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