Chapter 1 Queen’s Rebirth

“Who would have thought that the killer who had been buried in the flames would be reborn in the body of a girl who died suddenly from a heart attack in a small village in the USA?”

On the second floor of a rural farmhouse, Hedy Ellis scrutinized herself in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror was eighteen years old, with long golden hair cascading down to her waist. Her features were delicate, her complexion flawless and fair, making her a rare beauty.

“And, it’s not just me who can be reborn…”

Hedy closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, there were a few more lines in front of her.

“Goal: Complete 30 trial missions.”

“Reward: Revive ‘Cooper Ellis’.”

“Note: Previous combat skills retained; the host’s heart disease removed.”

“…Mission customization in progress…”

“It’s like receiving a quest from a video game system.”

Hedy thought, her eyes filled with a hint of confusion. But soon, she was overwhelmed by pain and regret.

Cooper was her younger brother.

She had planned to escape the organization with him, but halfway through, he drugged her and, ignoring her objections, returned to the organization to buy her more time.

By the time she regained consciousness, she found herself on the other side of the ocean, successfully breaking free from the organization’s control.

But her brother had been tortured and mercilessly killed by those people!

Hedy clenched her fist, her fingernails digging into her flesh.

“As long as I can save Cooper, whether it’s 30 missions or 300 missions, I will do my best!”

“Hedy, come downstairs for dinner,” a loving voice called from below.

Hedy turned and descended the stairs, finding her mother, Malina Ellis, preparing dinner in the kitchen, with her father, Buddy Ellis, assisting beside her.

Malina, a middle-aged woman of around fifty, bore the marks of years of labor on her face. Buddy, two years her senior, was a weathered-skinned farmer.

He asked Hedy, “Tell me, is someone bullying you at school?”

Ever since she started high school, Hedy seemed like a different person, but no matter how they asked, she always denied it.

“No,” Hedy lied.

host had indeed been


asked again, “And what about Mr. Johnson? How is he treating you? Have the Johnson Family mentioned

Hedy’s eyes flickered.

son of the Johnson Group in San Francisco, and also

Johnson Family had something to do with the grandfathers

grandfathers had been villagers in Geary Village, and their bond was as close as

certain circumstances, the arranged marriage had been postponed until Hedy and

from a humble village household to a prominent family

plot twists in dramas, the Johnson Family should have

grandfather held a deep respect for the principle of honesty in

he not neglect the Ellis Family, but he also frequently

grandfather arranged for Hedy to

also studied at Lowell High School,

Mr. Johnson did not inherit his

host had endured three years of bullying at school

earlier this year, making it impossible to

no rush.” Buddy looked at his

of our daughter. Our daughter doesn’t have to marry into the Johnson Family if she

the Johnson Family offers us a billion dollars, we won’t accept

kept her head down, eating her meal

of love from her parents

Hedy’s bedroom, meticulously checking the items her daughter

lights and left after Hedy couldn’t resist

left, Hedy opened her eyes, her pupils

a smell of blood and gunpowder in the

with bullets and blades all the time, and sharp vigilance was

the mountains behind her

USA, people don’t easily pull the trigger unless

on in

versus mobs? Or a

in danger. They are too close to this

the window.

skills as an international assassin from her previous life. Soon, she found an elderly man behind a bush, with a tree branch piercing through

cold sweat, trying hard not to make a

in military green attire, and the badge on his shoulder made Hedy’s pupils

prestigious Medal of Honor

had led three hundred soldiers and miraculously defeated an invading army of over one hundred thousand on the frontier,

Hedy admired

Now the question arose.

district chief


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