Chapter 12 A 15Day Miracle 

Why are you holding my girlfriend’s hand?Sun glared at the boy

What do you mean your girlfriend? Mia is my girlfriend!Jayden, the boy, tightly held the hand of the shorthaired girl

Jayden, a student in Class 1, Senior 3, top ten in grade

Nonsense! Mia is my girlfriend! Everyone in Class 7 saw her confess her feelings to me!Sun grabbed Mia’s other hand, his gaze fierce

Mia shook off Sun’s hand. Sun, it was just a prank.” 

What?Sun couldn’t believe his ears

Mia took a deep breath. My friends told me that you, the leader of Class 7, had an eccentric personality, and they asked if I could conquer you. I said I could, and then I tried.” 

Tried?Sun repeated with difficulty

She tried

He believed it

And now she was telling him that it was all just a joke

I admit that my intentions were wrong, but I was your girlfriend for a month!Mia justified herself

You are just a mediocre student from Class 7. Is it your honor that you once had a top student as your girlfriend?” 

Honor?Sun’s mind buzzed




Chapter 12 A 15 Day Miracle 

2AR Vout 

So he had sunk so low that even being deceived should be considered a gift from the deceiver

Do you understand now? Mia never intended to confess her feelings to you for real!Jayden looked annoyed

At this point, Sun had nothing more to say

His throat felt dry as he took out the necklace he had saved up for a month and stared at Mia. He let go of it, dropping it on the ground

It was his heart he hadn’t had the chance to give

He turned away, his heart heavy with disappointment

Who gave you the confidence to think that Mia would like someone from Class 7?Jayden pressed on, seeking to humiliate Sun further

Was it that new student in your class, Hedy? That scheming bitch who only knows how to secretly record videos?” 

Sun, who was about to leave, suddenly turned around and punched Jayden in the face, anger seething within him

How dare you talk about Goddess Hedy like that?” 

Hedy might be aloof and reserved, but she had never looked at them with disdain or disgust in her eyes

And Hedy almost saved him from Tom’s bullying

He absolutely wouldn’t allow anyone to speak about Hedy like this

are you out of your mind?”

didn’t stand up for her against Jayden; instead, he defended Hedy. What




A 15–Day Miracle

not even worth comparing

of his mouth and

Students from Class 7 immediately rushed to beat up Jayden

their classmates being attacked and joined the

the incident to

to arrive, and it took all his strength to separate Sun and Jayden. “Sun, what are

the teacher, the fight subsided, and

Sun pointed at

a big issue, we must act reasonably. You are students, what’s the difference between you and street thugs if you resort to fighting?”


teachers were teachers. They were mature and

is just trash. No matter how much you teach them, it’s pointless,” Ms. Lee, the teacher in charge of Class 2, commented


a punch, grabbing Ms. Lee by her collar in a




A 15

They’re not trash!

crowd stood in

and not resort to violence as educated

arrived and separated

Evan! You are a man, how can you hit a woman!”

trash students, trash students studying in a trashed building – the

students are indeed all trash. I can step on the answer sheet with my foot and still get a higher


just dragging everyone down in Class 2, and now she goes to Class 7 and becomes their ‘Goddess Hedy.‘

enough!” Sun shouted.

heard the word “trash” enough!

a higher score than us? Then let’s compare our results in the monthly exam!





at Ms. Lee, Jayden, Mia, and the Class 1 students who participated in the

to Class 7 and

the only and most powerful

the Class 7 students away.

their classroom, they slumped down, their faces filled with frustration

talking trash, but how are we going to beat those academic geniuses in the monthly exam?”

I have no idea. I was

head against the wall, wishing he

Mr. Evan is going to be fired!” a classmate rushed in

complain to the principal about Mr. Evan, saying that he was violent

our class’s performance has declined since Mr. Evan took over, so they said if our class’s average score in this month’s

Everyone grew anxious

up and asked Goddess Hedy to apologize to Lisa and her child


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