Chapter 11 Assassination 

Aiden Darlow, my assistant. You can contact him if you need anything.Preston introduced the man

I have only one request, and that is to sleep with you,Hedy repeated her intention. After washing her hands, she took a seat at the dining table

Other than that, she didn’t need Preston’s help with anything else

Preston raised an eyebrow slightly

If someone else had said those words, they would have been labeled as a pervert

He sat across from Hedy, gracefully picking up his cutlery. I’m not sure about what food you like or can’t eat, but I hope this meal suits your taste.” 

I’m not a picky eater,Hedy replied, her gaze slightly lowered. And she didn’t say anything more

In her previous life, she had eaten wild grass and chewed tree bark just to survive. Compared to that, all human food was incredibly delicious

Preston nodded

The word vigilantwas no longer sufficient to describe the girl before him

She had completely sealed herself off, impervious to even the slightest breeze. Naturally, there was no need for her to be on guard against anything else

Chapter 11 AceaKBİNABOR 

She was only eighteen years old. What had caused her to become this way

Was such a drastic change in her temperament the result of the unrequited love for her fiancé

The meal proceeded in silence. Thankfully, both Hedy and Preston were experienced individuals who could adapt to different situations

Unlike the servant nearby, who was already fidgeting due to the overwhelming awkwardness

After dinner, Hedy made her way to Preston’s bedroom

The bedroom followed a minimalist design with cooltoned colors. There weren’t many items present, but each one was undoubtedly expensive

Ms. Ellis, the bathroom is on the left. Everything you need is prepared. Childe King is handling business in the study and will join you later to sleep,the servant said, wearing a somewhat bashful expression

Who could have imagined that Childe King, the dream man of countless young girls, would one day be sleeping with a rural high school girl

It would certainly shock many people if this news got out

Meanwhile, Preston finished his tasks and headed towards the bedroom

Pushing open the door, he found the young girl leaning against the headboard, studying her textbooks. The warm orange glow in the room softened her cold and sharp aura, making her profile appear particularly gentle



Chapter 11 Apsatsmation 

Upon hearing the noise, she immediately looked up. Emotionless indifference filled her eyes as she regarded him as if she were looking at an emotionless sleep machine

Preston lay on the other side of the bed

Hedy turned off the lights and lay down as well

The two of them shared the same bed

Preston could feel Hedy shifting closer and then farther away

seemingly searching for the right distance

side and lightly rested her forehead against his shoulder. This gesture resembled that of a loving couple, filled

long, Preston heard the sound of steady and shallow breathing

truly fallen asleep

find it as easy to

years of sleeping alone, having a woman suddenly appear by

night, a strong gust of wind rose, accompanied by thunderous

darkness, illuminating the villa and revealing

his eyes, and a hint




Chapter 11 AssGSZÍTATION 

were always people trying to get themselves killed.

could make any further moves, Hedy, with her arms crossed, leaned

it to


by one intruder, and he quickly

fierce punch to his nose and eyes, catching him off guard!



moment he pulled the trigger, Hedy raised his arm, causing the bullet to hit the ceiling. She then delivered



fell to the ground, unaware of who had

happened in the blink of an

of gunfire attracted the other intruders, and they came rushing from all directions.

the bedroom, she held a black handgun with her left hand, and with four shots to the left




Chapter 11 Assassination 

right, she took down six

intruders became more cautious, closing in for a closer attack. One

wrist. With a swift joint lock, she restrained him and raised her hand


behind the glass, planning to launch a surprise attack, died

aimed for the intruder in front of her and

numbers were

The battle continued


into the bedroom and found Preston leaning against the railing, observing the battle below. The hazy light illuminated him, giving his stunning and captivating

wine glass in his hand, as

was taken

strange for a weak man like me to be protected by a fierce and formidable

to conceal his astonishment in his




Chapter 11 Apzezainab 


guessed that his grandfather must have been equally shocked when she

Aiden’s lips twitched

didn’t say that you were a weak man when you

you think of her skills?” he asked his assistant.

moment, and then

Hedy’s agility, awareness, and habit of going for headshots

believed money ruled, assassins were colder, more

there was no patriotism,

Aiden said with certainty.

swaying of

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