Chapter 8 The Wise and Mighty Goddess Hedy 

This person was Preston

He had just come out of the principal’s office

Is there something you need?he politely inquired, every gesture and movement exuding the demeanor of a noble gentleman

Hedy had saved his grandfather, and based on that alone, he would treat her patiently and distinguish her from other women

The principal’s office is at the end of the grove

Before I answer this question, I want to know, do you wear any perfume?” 

A sense of urgency flashed in Hedy’s eyes

In her past life, she had tried using perfume to aid in sleep, but no fragrance could improve her insomnia, not even aromatherapy

She had no idea what scent Preston carried on him


Preston glanced down at the girl’s hand tightly gripping his arm, his eyes flickering slightly

The warmth emanating from the girl’s palm seeped steadily into his veins

Even the coldest person had warm blood flowing within

In that case, I have a favor to ask.” 



Chapter 8 The Wise and Mighty Goddess Hedy 

288 Vouche 

Hedy tightened her grip on him, raising her petite face. I want to sleep with you, every night.” 

Preston was left speechless by her words

A look of astonishment flashed across his handsome face

Were all kids nowadays so forward

You have a unique scent about you that can only be noticed up close. This fragrance can alleviate my insomnia, and I want to sleep with you around.” 

Hedy explained her intention

God knows how much she longed for a peaceful slumber

She even felt a bit regretful that she didn’t get closer to him when she accepted his business card earlier, which would have allowed her to discover it sooner

The man fell silent, seemingly processing this strange situation

After a moment, he nodded slightly, his voice elegant, “If your parents don’t mind, I can do that for you.” 

She was her grandfather’s savior, and he was single, with no fiancée, so there were no other considerations to take into account

Simply keeping her company during sleep wouldn’t be an issue

returning to her previous cold and aloof demeanor.

Preston glanced at




and ighty

school gate. If there are no other issues, I’ll head back to the office.”

had a branch


walking towards the old school

Hedy arrived at

from her memory of the school building.

had weathered walls, unattractive in color, but

the current building resembled a haunted house from a horror movie. Large patches of the wall were peeling off, revealing red bricks

the entrance of Class

shut, covered in all sorts of graffiti.


half–kneeling, their left hands behind their backs, and their right hands extended toward her as

the throne, wield


Wise and

expressionlessly closed the


opened the

Hedy, please ascend to the throne, wield your scepter, and dispel the

lines, same crowd –

Hedy remained silent

is nothing wrong with the way you

afraid that Hedy would close the door again, quickly stood up and walked up

hair, an earring, and a skull ring on his

Miller, you can call

rule in Class 7: whoever has

assembly, I was in the front row and saw the video you recorded of

make way for you. From now on, you are the boss

the surrounding students exclaimed



Wae and light

# ** 

these overly dramatic students, so she found a quiet corner, sat down, and began reading her book.

it’s because she is cold and cool that

have to nominate her for the school

need to vote. She is the representative

Sun smirked and said, “I won’t vote for



the start of

the morning classes showed

had happened in any other class, the students would have reported it to the relevant authorities, angrily questioning whether they were wasting their

Class 7, the students

during self–study

teachers didn’t feel like teaching. Both parties silently agreed not to

Class 7’s academic performance continued to decline.

care about

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