Chapter 7 Cream Rises to the Top 

The man known as Childe King appeared to be around twentyseven years old, dressed in an expensive black suit. His slender figure resembled that of a model as he confidently walked toward everyone

His features were exquisite, with thin lips and eyes as dark as ink, occasionally flashing a sharp light, announcing to the world that he was not just a charming gentleman, but a ruler of men, a master strategist

He had only just made his appearance, and many girls were already swooning over him, their hearts fluttering with love

However, he paid no attention, remaining aloof and indifferent

Vice Principal Robert, it seems you’ve done quite a lot of good things at Lowell High School during the three years I was studying abroad,Kelly said as he walked towards the vice principal on the stage

Although he was not tall due to his physical disability, his presence was by no means weak

Yet, against the backdrop of his babyfaced appearance, there was always a strange and captivating sense of discordance

PPPrincipal, didn’t you say you would rest for a day after getting off the plane and only come back tomorrow?The vice principal took a step back

Just as I got off the plane, someone forced me to come to the school. I had no choice.As Kelly spoke, he cast a sideways glance at Preston, his eyes filled with deep grievances





Chapter 7 Cream Rises to the Top 

288 Nouchers 

Preston responded with a smile

He turned his head to look at Hedy

The girl stood tall, wearing inexpensive clothes, her head held high, arrogantly surveying the crowd. She looked nothing like the obedient girl in the file photo

But now she looked more like the person who could save his grandfather

He had arrived at Lowell High School before the faculty and student assembly

Seeing that she was in trouble, he contacted his old friend and the principal of Lowell High School, Kelly. And Kelly was the best one to handle this matter

And now, here they were. The girl had already solved the problem

Preston, who had witnessed the entire process, wasn’t very surprised

After all, someone who could kill an Italian assassin barehanded wouldn’t be a helpless victim waiting to be slaughtered

Sensing Preston’s scrutinizing gaze, Hedy began to observe him as well

First, she noticed that the man had a handsome appearance

Second, his appearance bore a resemblance to that of Amos

Connecting this with their shared last name, King,Hedy made some speculations about his purpose for coming to Lowell High School

So she looked away




7 Cresin frises to Cha Taeh

she didn’t want

an eyebrow.

just glance

would never provide any shortcuts for corporations or families, and students would be placed in

for three years, yet his subordinate disregarded the

and placed her in Class 2, which had the second–highest average.

It annoyed him

had no choice…” The vice

that Stephen had

about the details or verify the truth, but simply issue expulsion as a punishment. Is it

his old age, stammered and stuttered

and pointing at the students in Class 2

in Class 2, suspend your studies for




Frees to the

Wat Pare

a 10,000word self-reflection!” 

expelled from the school board!”

Jack, expelled!” 

Kelly approached Hedy, his tone much softer.

to release or not release the

want the school and its students to suffer controversies and criticism just

and let you continue staying at Lowell High School. But based on your previous grades, you can

Sure,Hedy nodded

to stay at Lowell High School and win the monthly exam championship. Which class she ended up in


you all go back to your class and

principal’s office later. I’ll treat you to the coffee I brought back from overseas. I heard it’s the favorite drink

I’m in for a treat,” Preston’s thin lips curled up

his long legs, passing by Hedy and handing her a business card. His




7 Creath Rises to

for saving my grandfather. If you get into trouble

statement might

it came from Preston’s mouth, it was like a golden ticket

didn’t play coy and simply accepted


with both courage and wit

boast so many

Falling in love with


at him and didn’t

class, and you

way to get her into Class

hold her down,”

think highly


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