Chapter 5 Engagement Canceled 

As Hedy looked at Ms. Lee standing in her way, her eyes narrowed, and she said, Go away.” 

Ms. Lee was taken aback and immediately exclaimed in anger, How dare you speak to a teacher like that!” 

She couldn’t afford to provoke trustee Jones, and now Hedy was acting this way

Did she think that having the Johnson Family backing her meant she wasn’t just a country bumpkin anymore

I don’t think someone who immediately demands an apology from a student deserves to be called a teacher,Hedy said coldly

YouMs. Lee was at a loss for words

Oliver, standing beside her, had a stern expression and said angrily, That’s enough, Hedy.” 

Hedy turned to look at Oliver, and her eyes were filled with coldness. With what identity are you commanding me?” 

She had thought that Oliver, who was renowned throughout the school, would stand up for her against Lisa. But when Lisa brought up business matters, he became as submissive as a dog, as if he wanted to offer her head to Lisa as an apology

In the end, he was just a wellgroomed appearance with a weak and inept interior

As your fiancé!Oliver couldn’t help but rise his voice, and his eyes 




Chapter 5 Engagement Canceled 

288 Mouchers 

showed disgust

If it weren’t for his grandfather’s words, stating that the decision regarding his marriage with Hedy could only be made by Hedy, he would have ended this ridiculous arranged marriage long ago

Not anymore!Hedy’s voice grew louder, and her presence became more dominant and powerful

From now on, the engagement between the Ellis Family and the Johnson Family is canceled, and you, go away!” 

As her words fell, a terrifying silence enveloped the surroundings

What happened to Hedy

Beating up Lisa and her son and having a disrespectful attitude toward her teacher was one thing, but why did she cancel the engagement

Didn’t she like Oliver 

very much? 

Moreover, even a tenyearold would understand that the Johnson Family was Hedy’s capital to establish herself at Lowell High School

Without the Johnson Family, how would she be able to compete against Lisa and her son

Oliver’s expression turned unpleasant

In his mind, even if this marriage was canceled, Hedy should have exited with a lowerclass attitude of blessing and resignation.” 

Instead, she looked at him with a face full of disgust and contempt, as if he wasn’t worthy of her

I was thinking about helping you out considering the past friendship between our families, but now that you choose to cancel the 




5 Engagement

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on your own. I’m not

declared, stepping back and looking aloof.

Hedy could be without the assistance of

you’re not going to tell me that you think you can handle everything by yourself, are you?” Lisa didn’t understand what Hedy was planning.

herself. But now, not only

you, I don’t need a team to do it. One person is enough,” Hedy said

in her words sent shivers down everyone’s

was one of the top socialites in

be least considered the small potatoes in Lowell High

must have lost her mind!

turned her head and casually said to the vice principal, “I believe the funds for the next semester haven’t been secured yet, right?”

regulations, committed acts of violence, and verbally abused a trustee and fellow students. She will





hope all students take this as a


caused quite a stir in the audience.

just like that?

seriously injured. According to the school rules, Hedy

puzzled, Hedy calmly spoke up, “Vice Principal, maybe you should change the words on the sculpture at the

The vice–principal

the sculpture were: Strive

Lowell High School was established, representing the

be like slapping

me to stop, and some simply expelled me. But no one asked me why I

in a place that is supposed to educate

burned like fire as she stared directly

principal’s expression

this incident, no one asked




Engagement Canceled

233 Nourer 

and Jack

think it’s justified to hit someone? Then tell me, why did you hit Lisa and Jack?”

glance beside them,

his desk mate, but when I went there, he insulted me, calling me

slapped me, accusing me of hitting her son without any reason.

picking fights, and I


it’s fine for trustee Jones‘

can’t hit others.

it’s fine for trustee Jones to do so.

that’s the case, what’s the point of ‘striving for education for life‘?

be changed to ‘serve the rich for life,‘

bullet, struck straight

while, no one dared

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