Chapter 4 Is Hedy Even More Beautiful in Person

Seeing Hedy engrossed in her book, not even bothering to look at her, Lisa couldn’t help but grow even angrier

She stepped down from the platform and stood in front of Hedy, raising her hand to deliver a slap

You brat!” 

She couldn’t bear to lay a hand on her precious son. How dare this lowly girl from the countryside hit him

The force of Lisa’s palm struck swiftly, but Hedy lightly closed her eyes, her gaze filled with a seething murderous intent

With even greater speed, she caught Lisa’s wrist and stood up, delivering a resounding slap across Lisa’s chubby face


Lisa staggered backward from the impact

Gasps erupted from the back of the classroom, and the student’s eyes widened in astonishment

Wow, Hedy was tough

She dared to even hit Jones, the trustee

Jack was dumbfounded too

In a fit of anger, he grabbed the wooden rod from the nearby desk and swung it forcefully at Hedy




Chapter 4 in Haily Funn kyn Beautiful 

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You bitch!” 

Hedy’s gaze turned cold, and she swiftly dodged to the side, lifting her leg to deliver a kick right into Jack’s stomach


Jack also staggered backward, crashing into his mother

Poor Lisa hadn’t even regained her balance before her son collided with her, sending her tumbling to the ground

With a crack, her bones were broken

Lisa had never experienced such torment before, and she immediately fainted


Seeing his mother unconscious, Jack shouted loudly and quickly called on a few classmates to carry her to the emergency room

Before leaving, he couldn’t help but repeat his previous words, Hedy, how dare you hit trustee Jones! Just wait and see!” 

The classroom returned to its previous silence

As the gazes from the back rows were too intense, Hedy turned around and glanced back with an indifferent expression on her exquisitely beautiful face


The students hurriedly moved and squeezed into the corners

Hedy would lash out at them as well.

no interest in attacking




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simply sat down and continued flipping through her



30 trial missions could she revive her younger

to fail at

rhythm played over the

entrance music for the faculty and students‘ assembly, a reminder for everyone to gather in the square.

the knowledge in her mind, and walked out of the classroom with

later, the square was filled with teachers

and dressed in a deep blue suit took the stage to

of his speech was cliché, and everyone struggled to stay engaged until the student representative stepped onto the stage

with brown hair and well–defined features. He wore a black and white British–style school uniform,

with the girls




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Ohh! Oliver! Oliver!” 

damn it, he’s already engaged to Hedy.

does some countryside girl get to marry Oliver? I can’t accept

you to accept it? Even if there was no Hedy, you’ll

is the girl

everyone instinctively looked at a

was dressed in the school uniform. Her beauty

at her with adoration, as if she were a sacred goddess from ancient

even more beautiful after a vacation…”

this year’s campus belle hasn’t been announced,

that obvious? Who can surpass

one! Gloria is forever the greatest!”

sound of footsteps could be

with Lisa’s arm in a

walked up to the stage, interrupting Oliver’s speech.




him were also

to approach them, showing concern in his tone. “What happened? How did you get injured?”

sponsors of the school, and as a vice principal, he could

she touched her still–swollen face. If

vice principal was surprised.

could a student dare to beat up a trustee and the trustee’s son

coldly and

“Hedy dares to attack us just because she has the Johnson Family backing

directly target the

to the newly risen powerhouse Johnson Family of the past few decades, the Smith Family I married

status, the Smith Family

“Oliver, how does your Family educate your daughter–in–law? Look at what Hedy has done

erupted in an




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